OK....I start my child hood chubby and very tall! My height has always helped to conceal the weight, along with the fact that I was very large chested. I slimmed down in high school, even made the drill team. Played sports...lifted weights. After high school the weight started piling on. Within in a yr after graduating (1991) I had gone from a size 9/10 to a 16.....I started nurti system...lost a whole 16 lbs in 6 months...gave up...gained back 30. By the time I got pregnant with my first child (1993) at the age of 21, I was at 251. I lost 10 lbs while I was pregnant and another 30 after the baby due to anemia and ill health. Slowly gained it back...by the time of my second pregancy 2 yrs later, I was back to 251...lost another 10 while I was pregnant and 20 afterwards.....of course..it all came back. I started drinking alot of beer and eating constantly due to divorce and depression. In 1997 I went on phen/fen and lost 30 the first month and then it was recalled...guess what!!!!  Went back up again, plus....now Its 1999 and I am at my heaviest....296!!! My blood sugar is dropping to 34 regularly and the dr says lose it or your going to be on medication....i stopped drinking beer....wow list 30 lbs in a month!!!! Over the course of the next 2 yrs I lost a total of 74 lbs....i gained back anout 15-20 but stayed at around 235 ish for a while....its 2006 and i'm starting to see a rise in the weight...slowly...then Feb 07 I got the the dr...i have been dealing with chronic back pain for 3 yrs....i weigh in at 244....i have to start taking epidural injections and i go back to the dr...i'm hungry all the time...can't control it and bammmmmm  I'm at 266......time to make a change....I am considering this to be my new journey...i have daughters who are beautiful and skinny...model material..they are cheerleaders and athletes..I don't want to be the fat mom on the side lines...I don't want to be the mom that has to have help up the bleachers...my knees hurt (have had one surgery already) my back hurts...i get out of breath walking from the parking garage to my office building...i used to say that as long as my belly was smaller than my boobs, I was ok...well I am a large chested girl and my belly is getting bigger.....why did i "weight"?????

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