Bariatric time

Jan 07, 2010

I went to my GP just before Christmas to get my assessment forms sent to a Bariatric Centre. The office sent it to St. Joseph's in Hamilton. By the way there was no choice in which centre it went to. At least that's what the Dr's office told me, that OHIP told them. Anyway I called them to find out if they sent the fax and if they heard back from St. Joe's. It was but I won't hear back from them directly for 3-5 months minimum. It's not that long, in the long run but I started this whole process probably coming up on 2 years or so. I'm just impatient and frustrated. I guess all I can do is just wait and hope not to reach 400lbs.
I also went back to my rhuematologist and he gave me a cortisone shot in my chest (fibro and osteoarthritis). In his other patients in worked right away, for me I was in more pain then ever. He's really trying not to give me narcotics. I love how non-addicts have to pay because 10 yrs ago and back they gave out narcotics like candy.
I almost forgot that I have a sleep study this month. So I'll finally know if I have sleep apnea.


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