I love my treadmill!!!

Jan 22, 2007

I use to love to work out when I was 140 lbs and in good shape. But I can't believe how much I enjoy my treadmill. Even being M.O. I can walk 2 miles and even jog for awhile.
All my clothes are so loose on me I can wear 3-4 layers of shirts and sweaters and still have room. I am so excited as I will be traveling to Seattle to see one of my friends In February. My friends from So. Ca. will also be going so we will have a fun weekend with no husbands or kids.
My 9 yr old and I will also be going to So. Ca. for his spring break in April. We will do all the tourist attractions like D-land, Knotts Berry Farm
Legoland and weather permitting the beach.
I do feel a little guilty though because the following weekend I will go back to So. Ca. for the O.H. National Convention in Irvine. I can't wait to meet everyone from O.H. My only regret about this surgery is not having it done sooner.

My first two wow moments

Jan 06, 2007

I flew to Lubbock Texas on Thursday for my 1 month post op and I am only down 25 lbs so I thought I would have to wedge my fat butt in the plane seat but to my surprise I had plenty of room and inches to spare on my seat belt. That was so exciting for me.  Also my Dr. said that everything looks good my diabetes is no longer an issue my blood sugars run between 80 and 120 and that he just wants me to walk more. I am still waiting for my treadmill as I can't walk in 20 degree weather with snow on the ground. I am still a So Cal. girl at heart.
My 2nd wow moment was today after we dropped my ex and his GF at the airport we went to the fatty store (Catherine's) we only have one in the whole state and Iwanted some work out clothes so i grabbed my normal 3x pants and tops and they were way to big I had to buy 2x all my clothes are so loose. That was such a great moment. I can't wait until I can shop at the Gap, Talbots, Anne Taylor and buy normal sizes again.

New years eve

Jan 01, 2007

We had a great time New years eve we had bunco at our house it was for couple but you could bring your kids. I made so much food that it was crazy. I thought it would be hard to make it and not be able to eat it but it wasn't. I did try a dip that my friend brought and I had my 1st dunping experiance not fun I won't be doing that again. Everyone left befor 11:00 and we were fast asleep by midnight.

Merry Christmas

Dec 25, 2006

We had a great Christmas my ex husband and his GF are still here to help me out. It has been great having them here. They take care of my 9 yr old , my animals and do all the cooking and cleaning. I am so spoiled. My husband bought me a nordic track treadmill for X-mas that should be coming in a couple weeks and we had prime rib for christmas dinner I ate a crab cocktail that was awesome and I had no problem with it. I feel so thankful to have been blessed with a great husband that has been so supportive to me and also great friends.

My Birthday

Dec 08, 2006

Well today is my 47th bday and what a weird feeling. I came through my surgery with flying colors no complications I am able to get my protein , water and food in walk and it's not hard at all. I have head hunger but not stomach hunger. Thank god for taco bell beans. We went to a Christmas Party tonight and had a great time . All the food did not bother me. The only thing that was strange was not going out to dinner but I guess that will come in time.

My first support meeting

Nov 15, 2006

I went to my first wls support meeting, it was in Abq. N.M. about an hours drive. I was invited by someone I met on OH state forum. The lovely ladybug (Valerie). It was great to meet everyone and hear everyones experiances, struggles and milestones. Everyone was very welcoming and willing to share with me. My husband came and he was surprised, I think he thought it would be like a scene out of Jerry Mc Guirre where that womens group just bashes men. I also met about 4 other women who had the same Dr. that I have and really like him.
I will go back next month after my surgery.
On another good note my husband and I stopped at the casino on our way home and I won  400.00 dollars YEAH!!!!!!!

My pre-op appointment!!!!

Nov 06, 2006

I received my pre-op appt. orders today. It will
be Tuesday Nov. 21.  Because it is so close to the holiday my husband and I will drive the night before and drive home Tuesday night.
We have already made our reservations for our hotel. We will be their less than a week if there are no complications. Luckily for me my husband travels alot so he will only stay in nice hotels. I have a very good friend in So. Ca. that is also a fatty girl and I am so excited because she is having wls the week before me.  
Congratulations Michelle!!!!!!!!

Trick or Treat

Oct 30, 2006

Well Halloween is over.  We had a great time.
I had my daycare kids and their parents over for dinner and Trick or Treating as well as my neighbors . The only bad thing was my husband was traveling so he wasn't with us. It was also difficult not to eat any goodies but I did o.k. 
I am try to keep as busy as possible to keep my mind off my wls. I want it to happen now.

Had my consult

Oct 26, 2006

I had my consult with Dr. Syns' office.  There were 5 of us that were there for our consults.
We first met with the nut. then the n.p. that was also a former patient of Dr. Syns'. It was very informative. There was nothing they missed re. wls. The Dr. then came in and gave us a presentation, after that we all individually were weighed and had a series of tests. The Dr. then came in with the n.p. and gave me a physical. 
I then found out that I have a slight heart murmur and a possible hernia.
The Dr. said that I must start eating healthy at once in order to reduce the size of my fatty liver.  I asked if they could schedule me for wls and they gave me a date of Nov. 30th.
I then met with the lady that does that fianancial part and said that I would have a One thousand dollar co-pay payable to the hospital the day of surgery.
I then raced to the airport to catch my flight back to abq. (i live in Santa Fe)  I made it  in time but we had a five hour delay and didn't get home till very late.

Nicholas' halloween party

Oct 13, 2006

I have been so busy trying to keep my mind off my consult. that I haven't had a moments rest. My 8 yr old Nicholas wanted a b-day/ halloween party and we just finished having about 40  people at our house. 30 kids and 10 adults. I made a huge spread. We played lots of games and did arts and crafts . Everyone seemed to have a good time and all the Moms kept my kitchen clean so there is little to clean up.

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