205.6, size 14 pants

Apr 01, 2009

From 270 and size 24 pants.
I'm still motivated and excited but some days the journey is unreal still.
Some days I could care less about eating and that's when I gotta make sure I eat cause I can't binge eat like before cause the pouch stops all that.    The mind is a powerful thing and just because your body knows you can't eat like you are at a buffet, that doesn't mean your mind comprehends this.

I'm struggling with eating and drinking at the same time.   I was doing good, but slipped up.  I have always been more thirsty than hungry and I am feeling that again.  Gotta work on this cause when I eat and drink I feel crappy.

I'm not craving bread this week so that's good!   Strangely I have been craving protein more.   I want it more than anything else.

Trying to figure out what other vitamins to try besides the BA's berry flavor cause they kinda old after 3 bottles.   Don't think I can stomach the liquid Centrums ever again.


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