Baby Blues

Apr 21, 2007

As some of you know I am expecting my first baby this August - something doctors have always said would never happen.  Between having PCOS and endometriosis I never thought I would be a mother.  But here I am, 26 weeks pregnant!  I lead a support group meeting Thursday night and shared with the group that even after losing 175 pounds and overcoming many health obstacles I feel like obesity has stolen something else from me: to look like other mothers-to-be.  You see, I have two leftover rolls of hanging skin now that I've lost all of the weight.  The top one kind of hangs over the bottom one and hoenstly now it just looks like I am obese again.  I want to have the look and feel of a "normal" woman.  My belly doesn't match that of other womens' that are also 6-months pregnant, and it makes me sad.  I have to pull my skin up (and my very large breasts) and then, finally, you can see my tummy bulge with my little one growing beneath it.  I am grateful that God has blessed me with this baby (even if the timing isn't quite what I would have hoped), but I can't help but feel sad that even after coming all this way in my pregnancy, hardly anyone can tell.  To friends and family members that haven't seen me in awhile, and don't know I'm pregnant, they think I have re-gained weight.  I really hope, and will do all I am able, to ensure that our baby doesn't have to fight obesity the way I have...

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