Getting Sleeved in the Morning...

Aug 04, 2010

 and I'm so ready for this!

I'm not nervous one bit. I've fought hard for this and I feel a sense of relief though at one point I was afraid of failing AGAIN. I was afraid that I would not lose weight, but I'm no longer afraid.  I plan to utilize this tool to the fullest. I'm actually looking forward to the fasting / liquid post - op diet.

My niece came to visit for about 5 days which was a wonderful diversion. I didn't have time to obsess about my approaching surgery. Timing couldn't have been better. I find it a bit strange that my parents haven't called (especially my mom) who will likely call after surgery. She truly believes that this surgery is "optional" as if I've chosen to have a boob job or something. But that's quite okay because I have to do this for my health. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a brand new me and to enjoying life once again.

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