Patience is not a virtue I was blessed with.

Aug 30, 2012

I finally took the step and submitted paperwork for the surgery.  My bloody insurance has an exception in it that it will in no way pay for weigh-loss surgery.  I suppose they would rather pay for my medications I had to start taking at 35 y.o. for the rest of my life, hospital visits, potentional heart attack/stroke issues, etc.  Blah.  Silly burocratics.  Any way, I have the financing but I feel like all these "extra" charges are popping up and it's causing me stress.  I don't let it hold me though.  I'm doing this - the end.  I'll make it happen, whatever I need to do.

I go for my work-up on 9/18.  They do most everything in one day so I'll have my blood work, labs, xray, evals, etc. all in one day and have it over with.  This is my next hurdle to pass.  I'm nervous that something is going to come back wonky and I won't be physically eligible to have the surgery.  Until I get a surgery date, I'm afraid to get my hopes up.  I do let my self dream a little though.  Dream of being comfortable in my own skin.  Wearing clothes that don't look like burlap sacks.  Being able to be comfortable in an airplane seat.

Now, I wait...

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