It's getting real!

May 16, 2018

About a year ago, I began the process of talking with my General Doctor.  His referral went in, and I had my first appointment in May 2017 with the Toronto Western Bariatric Surger Program.  I completed all of my appointments by December and have been waiting since then to meet with the surgeon.  Finally, this Friday is my appointment with the surgeorn.  It  has been so hard having that five month gap between my appointments and meeting with the doctor.  In some ways it hasn't felt real at all yet.  But this Friday, I have a feeling it will begin to feel very real.

I have so many fears:

1.  Will it work for me?  Maybe I'll be the one person that it doesn't work for?

2.  Will I be successful?  I'm a perfectionist and want to do it well?

3.  Will I still be able to live my life?

4.  What about all the skin?

5.  Should I tell my work yet?  I've been waiting until I have a surgery date to get that process going with leave and such.

I feel blessed to be able to use this tool to help me in my journey to health.  It's getting real.


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