Michael Todd

"Not sure where to start. I am sure Dr. Todd is incredibly nice and a wonderful man..... There were a few things I found frustrating about his office and practice. He is a RNY only type of surgeon. I have spent a lot of time researching the type of procedure I wanted and what my expectations and goals were for pursuing bariatric surgery. Since he is pretty much the only surgeon in Alaska that performs bariatric surgery I was referred to his office. From the beginning I said I wanted VSG and every time I mentioned it I was told "he doesn't really like performing that surgery, he recommends bypass...". Everything I wrote down I put VSG but the staff would always change it to RNY. At the new patient orientation Dr. Todd made it clear that he would only perform VSG if you twisted his arm . At my appointment with him I also stated I wanted VSG but was told that RNY is what I should have done. I did most of my pre-op exams which was all geared towards RNY and at every appointment I restated I wanted VSG. I felt that I was being forced to have a surgery that I did not want. I was also frustrated with the info session for new patients. I was disappointed that there were not more medical staff who could give a better explanation about surgical weight loss, metabolic problems and such. The staff were all nice but things just seemed off. I felt the severity of the surgery was not adequately addressed nor were the real life consequences and expectations actually being addressed. I finally decided that I actually did want VSG and not to be forced into a procedure that I did not want. I also, wanted a surgeon who supported my choice and was skilled at performing my surgery. I "interviewed" two other surgeons out of state and was amazed at the difference of their info sessions, support, and honesty regarding different procedures compared to Dr. Todd's. I found an amazing surgeon out of state and I could not be happier with my choice. I would like to add that I do think Dr Todd is incredibly nice and his staff have been very helpful for the most part and wasted no time in helping get all my information transferred to the other surgeon. I am sure he is a great surgeon and others have wonderful experiences with him but it just was not what I was looking for. "

George Mueller

"Absolutely love Dr. Mueller and could not have been happier with my choice for him as my surgeon. He is honest, straight to the point, and incredibly easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable with him and he always made the time to talk to me and answer questions. His staff was very helpful although busy I felt very well cared for. "
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