I've Made It To The Other Side!

May 02, 2009

Hello from Post Surgery Land!

Well, I had my surgery on Monday, the 27th.  It actually went really well.  I was second on the surgical rotation and my doctor was running a little late from the first procedure.  I wasn't nervous, which was great.  Boy, when I walked in to that operating room, I was surprised at the size of the table (very narrow!).  I said to the OR staff, "This table is very small."  They replied it was the only one they used.  I then said that I was pretty big and I barely fit, what did they do with a 700 lb. person?  They said they had extensions.  Then, boom - I was gone!  The power of anesthesia!

I woke up on the 4th floor, in my room.  I remember practically nothing about my two hours in recovery.  I have heard that I was combative while coming out of the anesthesia.  The only thing I recall is thrashing around a bit and using my ab muscles (I believe I was doing a sit-up type move to sit up!).  I can recall thinking if I didn't stop that my ab would really hurt....HA, that's an understatement!  On that first day, I was quite groggy.  I do remember that I was swearing like a sailor....lovely......I was also in a lot of pain.  It turns out there was a bend in my hose of the PCA machine and there was a point when I wasn't getting my morphine.....followed soon by a surge of morphine once the hose was straightened!

My hospital stay was uneventful.  Pain, sleep, walking.....

I came home on Wednesday around dinner time.  Things have been going pretty well.  On Friday, I believe I drank too much in an hour's time and I was very uncomfortable...actual pain and stomach upset!  I find it very hard to get in all of my fluid.  Pre-surgery I was the water queen, but I was always a gulper.  Now, it's very hard to sip consistently.  I haven't gotten all 48 ounces, yet.  I can't imagine what it will be like when I have to go up to 64 ounces in the next stage!  I have been better with the protein.  Two shakes and a cup of cream soup (Healthy Select) made with fat-free Lactaid.  Let me tell you, Cream of Chicken (bleh!), Cream of Tomato (not bad!).  Two more weeks on this level!

Pain:  Well, my stomach hurts, but it does get better each day.  This morning, I feel my best yet. 
Exercise:  I've been walking each day.  Last night, my husband and I took a walk up our road.  We haven't done that actual walk since I was in labor with my son in 1996!
Weight:  On Thursday morning, I was up two pounds!!!  My husband had wisely said it was most likely due to the IV fluids in the hospital.  Understandable, but not a great thing to see!  From Thursday to Sunday, I've now dropped ten pounds....CRAZY!!!


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