One Year Out...Happy Surgiversary!

Apr 28, 2010

Well, one year ago today, I was just beginning my post-op journey.  What's different now?  Well, to begin with, I'm 145 pounds lighter.  That is just mind blowing to me!  As I've been losing weight, I've pretty much gotten rid of all of my "big" clothes.  I had a true moment of clarity a couple of weeks ago. I had taken my clothes down to begin switching seasons.  I decided to try on a pair of shorts that I still wore last August (4 months post-op).  They are jean shorts with a little bit of stretch, size 26.  Guess what?  They were huge!!  Truly, it was just hard to process.  I have some size 16 pants that I can wear, but my mind didn't even think about how far I've come.  It was an amazing moment.

The clothing moment was fantastic, but the biggest thing is how I feel.  I definitely have more energy.  Prior to the surgery, I was blessed to be in good health (no blood pressure issues, cholesterol, etc.).  My two main issues were sleep apnea and joint pain.  I have not used my c-pap machine since the night before my surgery.  My knees and hips are so much better.  I'm not saying I'm cured -- arthritis is arthritis --but, I'm profoundly better.  And the emotional things are great, too.  My 8 year old daughter can wrap her arms completely around me.  That is a feeling that no words can truly describe.

Is it all good?  I'll be honest...I can't say it is.  Post-op brings its own challenges.  Physically, I'm outstanding.  I have no issues with food, I take my vitamins faithfully (including calcium), and I even get in 2 protein enhanced milks each day.  Where am I struggling?  Food.  Because I have adapted so well, emotionally the ball is definitely in my court.  I can eat anything (even having 14 Thin Mints one day...just over 4 hours, instead of in 10 minutes - like the old days!).  It is a inner battle for willpower.  And you know what?  That was always the battle!!  The difference this time is that failure is not an option.  If I have a crappy day (which is usually doing old bad grazing in the evening), I make the next day a little better.  Right now, I need to just focus on healthy choices since I still want to lose another 25 lbs.  We'll see.....this period can be just considered a battle.  I'm in for the entire war....and I will be victorious!


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