I have battled my weight all of my life it seems like. I can remember at age 12 saying I was fat and on a diet. I wore a size 16 when I was 16yrs old. It just went crazy after that. I don't like a scale so I don't knoe what my actual highest weight was but in 1996 we went to California and I wore a size 24-26. After my divorce I dropped to a size 16 in 3 months (not a good way to lose it) but it gradually started coming back and when I got pregenant with my son I was wearing a size 22-24 again. Now he is 7yrs old and I made the dicision to have gastric by-pass. At first my husband was against it and we battled thru trying to get the approval from the process. After Everything was right and I put my whole heart and soul in it was time for surgery. I had to lose 15lbs before surgery. That was the longest month of my life, yes it took me a month to lose it, but I finally got a date, July 15, 2009. This was the greatest day of my NEW LIFE and NEW JOURNEY. I have since lost 73lbs come down to a size 16-14 from a size 22. At my first appointment I weighted 275lbs and today I weight 202lbs and I'm proud to be called a LOSER!!!!! This was the best thing I have ever done for myself as well as for my family.

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