Christina Li

"Dr Li is a very thorough, caring, and excellent doctor. She was very upfront and honest about expectations prior to, during and post surgery. She explained the different surgeries and discussed with me the pros and cons of each. Together we decided on the RNY. She lets me be an active member of the team. The pre-surgery screening is extensive, but necessary. She emphasizes the risks of not following procedures (taking vitamins and exercise). Individual follow up appointments take place at 1 week, 1,3,6,9 months and annually thereafter. Scheduling appointments is sometimes difficult - she is very busy. Sinai Hospital has a fantastic and frequent support group and active seminars before and after surgery. Overall, Dr Li is a wonderful doctor, both surgically and bedside mannerwise. After surgery and when I went in to be hydrated, Dr. Li came to check in on me and discuss fully what happened and how avoid return trips. I would highly recommend her and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore."
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Aug 29, 2009
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