Stall no more!!!

Mar 28, 2009

Yesterday I went for my fourth fill for a total of 3.7 cc in a 9 cc band. I had surprised myself as I stepped on the scale and came to find out that I had lost 8.9 pounds in less than 2 weeks. I was at a stall with only losing about a pound a week for two weeks. I was so shocked. Yeah Yeah Yeah. 
Wow moment number 2. I can finally cross my legs like a woman!!
Wow moment number 3. I didn't realize I had lost so many inches until I started to play basketball with nephews and nearly lost my pants. My brother in law went in the house and brought me out a pair of ridiculous looking rainbow suspenders that he had from a costume party. Yes of course I put them on to finish my game with my nephews. I wish I would have taken a picture cause I just keep laughing thinking about it.
I have had many more simple wow moments that I just can't think of but look forward to the simple wows and big wows.
Updated picture to come so keep checking back. Fourth month post op just around the corner.


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