Well deserved Vaction

May 20, 2009

What a relief!!!! Moms cardiac cath went fine!!  No new blockages!!! She is at home and resting comfortably on the couch as type this at her home.
I forgot to write in my last blog that I have been feeling a little to tight with the band since my last fill which was last week. I called my sugeons office and told them my deal of vomiting with the slimming everyother day at noc after dinner. She had me come in and she thought I was to tight and that because I have been under a lot more stress with my Mom and other issues this could have contributed to the tightness as she had only put in .25cc in my band last week.  So I am back to where I was and will see how that goes.
I am off to Northern Minnesota for a well deserved Vacation till June 2. Rented a small one bedroom cabin with fireplace and kitchentte nestled in woods over looking Lake Superior.  My husband and I are going to go hiking in the trails and I am really looking forward to taking a trail that he and I attempted to hike 3 years ago and could not finish as it is a 3 mile total up hill trail that over looks waterfalls and Lake Superior. I know he and I will make it up that hill and when we make it there I am going to do the Rocky Belboa dance. Can't wait to go places that we could not even imagine to do when I was 65 pounds heavier!!!!  Will update you on the trip when we get back.


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