September 28th Office visit Filled

Oct 02, 2009

Office visit 09.28.09  weighed in @ 219 lost 20 lbs in approx 9 weeks.(since 07.13.09) I am so stoked I am finally getting the results that I've been expecting and waiting to see for quite some time. It's been one year post op (but as good friend reminded me) my journey really only begun in April 2009. (due to a data error on my chart recording a 4 cc band used and turned out to be 10 cc) yew!!!!!! That was a relief for a while there I remember feeling scared.... thinking I was going to need surgery again.. 286/270/216 presently.... I've lost 70lbs that is a really big deal!!!!!!! It's so exciting (surreal) I've been clothes shopping for the first time in a long time and not in a thrift store.....  I'm in a size 16 and loving every minute of it. Friends and family are all starting to notice and complimenting me. That in it's self is life changing. It's been a very long time since I've been told that I look good 20+ years to be exact. It sometimes is hard to hear and I can't believe it. What I mean is "I can't believe my ears and sometimes I want to look around to make sure they're talking to me." It's crazy but I really don't know how to react to it, it's sounds so foreign, a big void in my life for sooo long. I don't know how to respond at times.

God I love my band it is doing for me what I was unable to do all by my self. :o)

Unfil too tight once again

Jun 17, 2009

06.15.09 went in for a fill lost 12.5 pounds in 7 weeks. @ 6ccs DR H filled me with 1cc toughed it out for 3 days but was unable to hold down anything. It was way too tight once again. Back to the office again to take some out. Weighed in again and lost a whoping 8 lbs I'm still in disbelief but it goes to show just how tight that fill was.... Knowing I needed to at least be able to get my protien down.... Lord knows I am too attached to my hair....... I made the decision to get some taken out for two GOOD reasons 1. I'm going on vacation 2. So was my doctor and honestly I just couldn't stand that feeling of not being able to feel even water going down the pressure in my chest would build up and it was so uncomfortable that I had to relieve it . Anyhow Dr H was in surgrey do his assistant took out .5cc at my request I needed to be sure since we all were leaving town soon. And as it turns out I probably show have .25cc taken out but really not sure I've only had slidder stuff.

I am going to make another appointment for when I get back from my road trip. 235.5 and losing........



May 04, 2009

I've had real restirction since 04/20/2009 and it feels GOOD!!!!!!!!!  I've lost 6lbs in 2 weeks!!!!

Back to the Doctors no restriction

Apr 16, 2009

I'm back to the doctors 04.20.09 I can't wait for this to work out healthier and less of me here I come.


Apr 14, 2009

Well this was a very interesting visit...... I had no restriction in my 4cc band with 4 cc's filled. Started to ask alot of questions to Dr. H. Telling him a was concerned and confused why he would use that size of band if our fat melts from the inside out??? Now I have no where to go.... and after gaining 10lbs. he tuned in and was very interested in finding out as well.

Long story short he called for his hand written notes from the hospital and those checked out to match my chart in the office 4cc band. He extracted the saline from my band and there was a little over 4cc in hmmm.. I then asked if it could be a slipped band issue he said no you would have problems eating and drinking. I asked I read on the message boards
other peoples experiences when they over eat such as it comes back up. I asked why doesn't that happen to me. He replied you don't have restriction that was why....... In a nut shell he filled my band with 5cc's the fax came through and his notes indicated 4cc band. SO I asked ok so if I don't have resrtiction now what is the next step he said upper GI dye test and wrote a prescription for me to follow up with my PCP for an authorization. Sending me out to the lobby to drink water
to two 4oz cups of water adn nothing I good feel the first drink make it's way down and the second was a little different.

Nevertheless I wanted to know what was going on and was happy that the upper GI was ordered and after 2.5 hours I left
to return to work. Driving on the 22 freeway home I started to feel a tightening in my chest and my mouth started watering
and silva started to build up and no burping was happening. I got concerned unable to swallow comfortably and called to let them know i was coming back. I arrived to find the doctor was at the hospital reveiwing my chart when then he came back to inform me the bar code sticker from the lapband AP package indicated I have a 10cc band and that explains the no restriction at 4cc's. ah ha..... I am just so relieved that I have a regular band I was really worried for about 4 mos that I was going to have to go through this all ovedr again. I now have 4.5cc's and it's only been 24 hours so i have no idea if that is enough yet......  I will circle back.   Happy as can be.............



Nov 26, 2008

I am finally there..... I see and feel all sorts of NSV, my wedding ring, my clothes, the food being restricted has really slowed me down. It feels so good not to be hungry.......

I also ordered from
cd set to help me on the right path to progress. I can not wait to get this in the mail. I really need to tap in to that inner child and voice that tells me all that negative stuff daily. I am counting on this program to be a big part of my sucess. I am going to take before and after pictures for visuals as well, track the NSV by taking body measurments this weekend!!

I will not fail.. I will not fail... I will not fail...

3rd Fill 11/24/08 4cc's

Nov 24, 2008

I got filled again today 11/24/08 I am supposedly at my max 4cc.
I had no weight lost or gained since 11/03/08. Hmmm... I really need to get my butt in gear and walk around the campus at work starting today.

I amnot going to fail at this I refuse!!!!!!!!!!

My SECOND FILL 11/03/2008 now at 3.25 cc

Nov 03, 2008

Ok so I am ready for the restriction. SO ready. Weighed in at 259.5 lbs. and looking forward to that sweet spot feeling. It was very fast this time around he found the port with no problem and I was oh soo relieved when he did. I am looking forward to the pounds coming off. I have been walking around the campus at work 1 mile in 17mins X2 very other day.

And I finally got the Wii FIT working and doing 15 mins a day on that.

I love my band!!!!!!

My First Fill 10/20/08 4cc band 2cc fill

Oct 22, 2008

Ok now I got my first fill or did I?? There was no discomfort it took about
4 to 5 pull backs to get a clear fill. Then when the doctor removed the needle fluid ran down my side. Hmm...... I feel no restriction what so ever..  Did I really get a fill that is my question... I have so many questions like am I eating enough? Am I chewing to much??? Why don't I feel full??
I thought about going to In n Out and having a burger and fries to see if I get full... I can eat over a cup of refried beans with cheese and still not feel anything.....  Why??

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