Parkview Hospital and Medical Center

"This hospital is an older building, staff is nice, and physical therapy department is excellent. Nurses are attentive to pain needs. Visitors are not always treated the same with each visit."

Douglas M. Krahn

"When I first saw Dr.Krahn it was some time ago at a seminar in Rancho Cucamonga. After listening to him, I felt right away that Dr. Krahn would be a great choice for my WLS. At that time, my insurance did not cover him for my Surgeon. A few months had gone by and I was approved after some more paperwork, still unsure of who my surgeon would be. Then my Dr office called me and said the surgeon would be Dr.Krahn. I was so excited!!! I immediately went online to see if it was him. I was so happy that it was. My 1 on 1 appointment was good. Although, I was very nervous, My mom was with me she asked so many questions. Dr. Krahn seemed to be very concerned about my health and passionate about these WLS procedures. The office was clean and professional looking, and had a photo album of before and after pictures which was nice to look at while I waited. The office staff was nice. Debi came out to taljk to me about what I could expect from here on out. They gave me a package with lots of information. The pr-op diet is very strict and structured, which is a good thing, easy to understand, so there is no mistakes. So far i would rate Dr. Krahn a 10. He is also very handsome:)"
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