2005  WLS: After talking to my friend Yoli, since she was going through Weight Loss Surgery process and I got interested in the process, she was an inspirtation!

Since then, coworkers Vivien, Mary, and Eleanor are WLS post-ops. Only Yolanda went through the Kaiser program.

I talked to my doctor at Kaiser and she told me that, I needed to take some tests, and I already had co-morbidities to be considered for WLS. I took an orientation class at Kaiser Santa Clara, Kaiser South SF, and knew this was the way for me. I got the Kaiser -SSF letter. My official journey began September 2004.

Co-morbidities are Hypertension, GERD, Sleep Apnea, and Osteoarthritis. I have a C-PAP for night sleeping;
 2 diabetes as of 2009; Seeing surgeon on April 30, 2010. I even went to the Richmond site once.

I moved, got a new doctor, family member passed, other parent geriatric mode, and kids getting in teen age phase of life.

2012: So after more researching I went full circle and I still see WLS as my tool for helping me reach my healthy weight goal. 2013: New surgeon has me scheduled for the date! Still with Kaiser.

2013: Kaiser South Sacramento Feb 28 began my post-op life. Yes things change but change has been good. No issues from surgery so far. Glad I did it!

2014: WIP life is so much better.

Summer 2014 as per doctor, goal weigh achieved!

2015: Life goes onward, and WLS is forever. GRATITUDE and maintaining daily.

2022: DANG Guys! Just to let you kow, I am still working the tools: exercise/hydration/vitamins/ bariatric foods/ Bariatric menus/ coping skills. YES it takes all the tools to stay successful. Crap happens but still in control. Once again, the surgery will never just fix your brains and your realms of morbid obesity.

April 18, 2022: It is just a tool and you got to WORK IT. Rock'n Gratitude 24/7.


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