2005  WLS: After talking to my friend Yoli, since she was going through Weight Loss Surgery process and I got interested in the process, she was an inspirtation!

Since then, coworkers Vivien, Mary, and Eleanor are WLS post-ops. Only Yolanda went through the Kaiser program.

I talked to my doctor at Kaiser and she told me that, I needed to take some tests, and I already had co-morbidities to be considered for WLS. I took an orientation class at Kaiser Santa Clara, Kaiser South SF, and knew this was the way for me. I got the Kaiser -SSF letter. My official journey began September 2004.

Co-morbidities are Hypertension, GERD, Sleep Apnea, and Osteoarthritis. I have a C-PAP for night sleeping;
 2 diabetes as of 2009; Seeing surgeon on April 30, 2010. I even went to the Richmond site once.

I moved, got a new doctor, family member passed, other parent geriatric mode, and kids getting in teen age phase of life.

2012: So after more researching I went full circle and I still see WLS as my tool for helping me reach my healthy weight goal. 2013: New surgeon has me scheduled for the date! Still with Kaiser.

2013: Kaiser South Sacramento Feb 28 began my post-op life. Yes things change but change has been good. No issues from surgery so far. Glad I did it!

2014: WIP life is so much better.

Summer 2014 as per doctor, goal weigh achieved!

2015: Life goes onward, and WLS is forever. GRATITUDE and maintaining daily.


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