CoVid 19-Daily Life- Post Op-RNY since February 2013!

Mar 23, 2021

Since the beginning, it's been about how to get health and quality of life based on physically and mentally being free of obesity morbitities.

It's been that from the beginning. If you do go off the path, unerstand why and face it. Face it all. Dust yourself off and get back into why you started the bariactric journey.

Nothing is perfect by any meang but the coping tool box llows you to do more than survive, since pre-op training allows for keeping the promise you made in the beginning of the journey.A lot of the things I learned are all based on telling yourself the truth in the mirror, being truthful about all your efforts, and owning the cosequences.

Praises and blame all belong to you too, no matter.... no lies.

Okay, so it's been since last August 2020; Covid-19 craziness and still managing the tool. No gym, too much TV, and still making sure that your glorious post op tool kit is keeping things in check.

All my old post hold the truth, and still below my assigned goal; vitamins-hydration-excerises-and "the tool" are what keeps it so. HW=297; SW=252; GW=124; LW=111' CW=116; 5'2" and getting the 180 lbs off took about 18 months.


Still working the TOOL!

Aug 24, 2020

No pictures today, but still working with the tool. Everything,  everyone, everywhere… dang, just everything! Could use lots of thing for excuses... why... big deal in lies to self. So, weight at 119 today... eating too much sodium... ok, since none for the week. Usually cost 2 to 5 lbs in water weight... and I had candy.... we just stop these types of foods, and weight reduces to my happy numbers. Be cack in a few with some results for you to read. Stay healthy and stay safe. 


October 2019

Oct 22, 2019

Hello all. Can't believe time flys but it does. Still below goal, and the journey is still that real 24/7. Greatful daily for my RNY journey for a life time health and wellness change. This year has been the hardest with emotional stuff, but the mindset coping skills still are beyond golden. They have allowed me to keep my bariatrics code in check, even if the rest of my life is chaotic. Such is life but the sun still shines, and I am thankful for there being a Bariatrics road for me to find my health. 


May 2019 ????

May 02, 2019

Still here. Just making the best of each moment. Treating my journey as a life time one. YTD, no plastic surgery but would love a mommy make over. Skin does retract but not a great look on the cover of Sports Illustrated ???? I have elimnated all comorbidities and not struggling  with cravings that can cause weight regain. I'm am glad for the gift of quality of life and my persistence in the WLS journey. It's not a race, it for you and the rest of your life. ????


Hello Everyone!!! May 2019

May 02, 2019

It's been a very long time since I've been on my page. Wow. Who knew. The WLS folks are gonna go coconuts. For me the 2015 weight.... A stall? Really? Well, the to is just what it is.  My weight is at the lowest due to extra physical activities and keeping to the Bariatric food types and menu. Occasionally, I eat stuff, but everyone ones path is different. For the last 16 months my current job requs me to be active. So that mean extra fats burning away while I'm working. YTD I'm in excellent health and solid on the scales at 113. There's not cut off seith for the tool. Daily management for Bariatric nutrition, vitamins, hydration, and exercises. I do extra yard work on the weekends too. I'm going to be 59 this year.... Can't tell  unless I say! I am an example for what can be achieved with WLS. I am extremely grateful moment by moment. Blessings ????


November 11, 2017

Nov 11, 2017

Hello: Still out there and still at goal weight. Life is a downer these days with regular worldly problems, BUT my health is really good. Pre op training is allowing to keep my WLS results in check. I hate the loose skin but spandex helps a lot. Happier holidays for all. Best wishes for your journeys and WLS.


January 2016 Hello World!

Jan 03, 2016

Getting close to my third year post WLS. RNY has worked for me, and very glad for the choice.

My weight is stable and I like it around 115 which is a lot better than the 290 range I was in at the begining of this journey.

Walking and running, jumping and sitting with my legs crossed; lots of NSVs. Seeing the great blood work stats, blood pressure is good, and no meds! I do the daily, hydration vitamins, with protien eatten first still. Exercise is daily for 20-45 minutes. I got quality life still evolving.

Best wishes for this year and more blessings and gratitude to come.


December 2015

Dec 17, 2015

Well the holidays are here and all is well. WLS YTD, this is the most trying time yet. Since I can eat anything at this point. I have to remind myself.... why, and why again. Coping with the foods of past and mingiling with new found NSV of today. Spell it! C-O-P-E! Making and finding new coping skills for daily... momnet living is key to long tern WLS success. Still below goal weight; goal = 124; current weight = between 114 and 117, and tonight 115. Happy holidays to all and next year will be here soon! Best wishes to you and yours!


Hello November 2015!

Nov 02, 2015

It's just after Halloween and we got raining in Northern California. We need the water... all the plants and trees. Still working with coping and how post-op, coping skills are Golden. I am still managing my weight below goal, and it is what I want... my personal best. Maintaining my weight is thought and tuff each day and a few times during the day and night. WLS is not a cure but the tool to have wellness and better quality of life. exercising involves everything. Vitamins and water are part of the holy grail too. I am not perfect at this but I pay attention (really trying) to the details for keeping things successful. Gratitude 24/7.


September and Me!

Sep 02, 2015

Ok, lots of family drama but managing and weight issues = coping and surviving things. weight flexing  a few pounds but nothing to worry about, since I keep golden coping skills with me at all times. This month is my birthday and I would never have guessed my WLS journey has been the true gift...  it keeps giving all the time! Glad for it all!


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