CoVid 19-Daily Life- Post Op-RNY since February 2013!

Mar 23, 2021

Since the beginning, it's been about how to get health and quality of life based on physically and mentally being free of obesity morbitities.

It's been that from the beginning. If you do go off the path, unerstand why and face it. Face it all. Dust yourself off and get back into why you started the bariactric journey.

Nothing is perfect by any meang but the coping tool box llows you to do more than survive, since pre-op training allows for keeping the promise you made in the beginning of the journey.A lot of the things I learned are all based on telling yourself the truth in the mirror, being truthful about all your efforts, and owning the cosequences.

Praises and blame all belong to you too, no matter.... no lies.

Okay, so it's been since last August 2020; Covid-19 craziness and still managing the tool. No gym, too much TV, and still making sure that your glorious post op tool kit is keeping things in check.

All my old post hold the truth, and still below my assigned goal; vitamins-hydration-excerises-and "the tool" are what keeps it so. HW=297; SW=252; GW=124; LW=111' CW=116; 5'2" and getting the 180 lbs off took about 18 months.


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