June 2022 Still rockin' RNY

Jun 21, 2022

Dang no matter how you do time, it moves forward and since my RNY Feb 2013, I have been keeping things as real as possible. The struggle never stops but you use them coping skills to manage all.

The best advice I got was from my bariatric doctor and surgeons. The WLS process itself; "treat it like a chair with 4 legs. If you remove one leg, the chair won't work."  Use All the Tools simultaneously! Leave yourself with room to gain a few pounds and be flexible below weight, since if you do gain catch it early. You should work daily on not going over or above your goal weight. The journal keeps you accountable for your feelings and actions. 

Things that I still face daily are that it is just a tool and it can not fix your brain. Stay responsible.

Re-inventing this process could leave you with problems and issues that are not related to the WLS itself. Skipping stuff like vitamins can make you deficient and possibly have permanent damage to it. Bariatric Adult vitamin dosages are not the same as children's vitamin dosages. 

You have to use all the tools and not just foods and drinks that lack nutritional value and eat real food. You need facts to support your WLS coupled with your personal medical history. Opinions do not come with collateral insurance and misguidance should be checked beforehand. Facts are crucial for health and wellness.

The tools: Protein always first, Hydration, Vitamins, and daily Exercises. You do not have to do hard-core exercising to lose fat. You even exercise sitting in a chair. Physical activity does not have to be in a gym. Gardening, carrying your own groceries to and from the car, and doing laundry are considered physical activities too.

YTD stats: HW 297, SW 252, GW 124, LW 111, CW 118 (115-118). My BMI went from the high 50s to 21.1 I'm 5' 2" my age is renewed and physically fit for those that are as much as half my age. The gratitude never stops. Life can still suck and be really F'ed up but those coping skills are like gold and priceless. It is not a race and remember you have to do these tasks with the tools for the rest of your life every day.


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