its been super long since i've been here.

Jun 21, 2010

I remember when i couldnt get off this site now I cant seem to make time for it. Things change and people do to. I've changed physically and for the better. I am a super sexy, confident, independent, mature, understanding, compassionate woman who makes her own decisions and is focused in life. I am about to get married on sept 3rd to my man that I've been with from the beginning. Through thick and thin , (literally) lol. He's my heart and i luv him. I havent lost any weight or gained any weight in ayear. My portions are still pretty small but i can eat a whole lot more than i used to. I can eat almost anything without getting sick , thats the bad part. My stomach doesnt like much of anything with tomatoe sauce. So no lasagna, rarly pizza. i guess its the acid in the sauce. I am still a size 8 and never hit the 100 pound weight loss and its been two years come september. Reagrdless I've accomplished a lot. I 've been feeling nausious and need to get a check up.

Thoughts:I was speaking to a coworker today about losing weight and it brought back so many memories on how important that was in my life. it was my focus. Even though i havent forgot where i came from or the weight that used to hold me down I cant say that its my focus any longer. I love me and weight doesnt occupy my mind. What a relief. 

Judgement: People look at me and judge me.. But what people should realize is that they should never judge a book by its cover bc it can be very decietful. My pain and my struggle doesnt show but it made me who I am today.

A strong woman!!! I will keep you posted OH. LUv always, Sophia


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