One year since surgery

Dec 16, 2008

Well the last year has gone very quickly. I had my check-up with Dr. Freeman yesterday. All my labs were good. The protein was low, but the pre-albumin was up where it should be, the Vitamin-D was in the normal range, Calcium good. I have finally got everything up where it is supposed to be. My triglycerides were down since Sept., LDL was lower, HDL was higher which was a good thing.
Had my bone density study done in November and it was good. So my bones are in good shape.
I can now wear a size 8 pants. Still in a large top. I stil am weighing in the 160's. Will I ever get to the 150's? Dr. Freeman seems to think that I can lose 20 more pounds. I have already exceeded the percentage of weightloss that he says most of his patients achieve. He was very pleased with my progress. I go back to see him in 6 months. I'm glad that he sees his patients every 6 months after the 1st year. Hopefully when I go to see him in June, I will be at 150 or less. I can do it if I buckle down.


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