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Oct 14, 2020

Here’s how you can reward yourself for losing weight:

  1. Have a facial
    Budget: Give yourself a facial at home
    Splurge: Have a facial at a spa
  2. Have a movie night
    Budget: Have a romantic movie night at home with your partner
    Splurge: Go see a film at the movie theater
  3. Enjoy some entertaining reading
    Budget: Buy a magazine
    Splurge: Buy a book
  4. Get a massage
    Budget: Organize your partner to give you a massage
    Splurge: Schedule a massage appointment
  5. Get a new haircut
    Budget: Do it yourself! 
    Splurge: Schedule a hair salon appointment
  6. Encourage your new running hobby
    Budget: Purchase a running app 
    Splurge: Buy a new pair of running shoes
  7. Buy yourself a blender
    Budget: Go for a mini blender
    Splurge: Buy a normal size blender or juicer
  8. Buy some flowers
    Budget: Buy a small bunch of tulips
    Splurge: Buy some roses
  9. Get a manicure or pedicure
    Budget: Do your own manicure or pedicure 
    Splurge: Have a manicure or pedicure at a salon or spa
  10. Invite some friends over for dinner
    Budget: Have everyone bring a little something to eat – friends are always happy to do that! Just give guidelines on what to bring so that it will be easy for you to stick to your diet
    Splurge: Cook a delicious but healthy meal with some wine for your friends
  11. Buy a kitchen scale
    Budget: You can get a basic kitchen scale reasonably.
    Splurge: There are certainly more expensive scales available – the difference is usually in design and precision
  12. Buy a new bathroom scale
    Budget: A great reward if you don’t have one, the one you have is not working properly or you’ve just seen one you need to have!
    Splurge: Buy a scale that can measure your body fat too 
  13. Take a mini holiday
    Budget: Go for a day trip by car or public transport
    Splurge: Book a relaxing long weekend
  14. Buy new workout gear
    Budget: Depending on your budget choose one item: socks, top, leggings…
    Splurge: Buy a whole new outfit, from head to toe
  15. Take a cooking course: learn to make Thai or Indian food, or sushi!
    Budget: Enroll on a local course
    Splurge: Take a cooking course at a restaurant or by a famous chef
  16. Take a course on something you’ve wanted to learn for a while
    Budget: Take an online course if it’s something you can learn online 
    Splurge: Enroll on a face-to-face course
  17. Buy a gym membership
    Budget: There are a lot of budget gym chains, try for free before you buy a membership
    Splurge: Get a membership at a gym that offers yoga, zumba and other exercise classes as well
  18. Go see a play, concert, musical or a comedy night
    Budget: Some live music events or comedy nights are free or have just a small entrance fee
    Splurge: Go see your favorite singer, band or comedian when they come to town
  19. Buy new workout equipment
    Budget: So many options here from dumbbells to yoga mats!
    Splurge: Think bigger or outside the box – buy a weighted hula hoop or a bike!
  20. Get a tattoo or a piercing if that’s something you’ve wanted to do for a while
    Budget: Just a cute little thing
    Splurge: Well, if you get just one tattoo why not make it a big one
  21. Do an activity that doesn’t feel like a workout
    Budget: Go hiking or camping
    Splurge: Try golf, minigolf, bowling or pool
  22. Buy a new water bottle
    Budget: It doesn’t have to cost a lot
    Splurge: Get one of those stainless steel ones
  23. Buy a new pair of earrings
    Budget: I love those cheap but cheerful earrings that you can get for 3-10 €/$/£. Buy one you really like
    Splurge: Sky’s the limit. Find a pair you really love and make it your ultimate reward
  24. Get on another level with your workout program
    Budget: Choose an online program where you get instructions and videos online
    Splurge: Hire a personal trainer
  25. Buy a wellness monitor
    Budget: Buy a fitness and activity tracker
    Splurge: Go a little further 
  26. Order food online
    Budget: Order groceries with home delivery online for convenience
    Splurge: Order a healthy food service for yourself, for example for a week
  27. Hire someone to clean your house
    Budget: Make your family swear they’ll do it
    Splurge: Hire a maid
  28. Take part in a running event
    Budget: 5k event
    Splurge: Marathon
  29. Go for a picnic with family or friends
    Budget: Make and pack your own sandwiches and drinks
    Splurge: Grab some healthy takeaway on your way to the park
  30. Get some inspiration
    Budget: Download an interesting health/diet/fitness app on your phone, even if it costs a bit
    Splurge: Subscribe to a fitness or health magazine
  31. Buy some gadgets
    Budget: Buy budget headphones or a waist pack for running
    Splurge: Buy a pair of cool wireless headphones
  32. Plan a great day out with you partner or the whole family
    Budget: Visit a local national park – remember to pack a lunch with you
    Splurge: Spend a day at an amusement park or a zoo
  33. Be a little bit romantic
    Budget: Have a sunset picnic
    Splurge: Go for a romantic dinner
  34. Go see a sporting event
    Budget: Local game of football or other sports
    Splurge: Big event at a nearby city
  35. Update your Spotify
    Budget: Update your entire Spotify playlist when you reach a small goal
    Splurge: Subscribe to a premium Spotify membership
  36. Visit museums
    Budget: Visit a museum – lots of museums are free
    Splurge: Buy a museum card if there’s one in your town or nearby. This way you can enjoy the reward for a while and visit museums as long as your card is valid
  37. Have a day just for yourself
    Budget: Do whatever you enjoy the most in your budget
    Splurge: Take a day off from work as well!
  38. Buy a new swimsuit or bikini
    Budget: Something cute for summer
    Splurge: If you’re really enjoying your swimming, buy high quality swimwear
  39. Buy a new lipstick – or other make up or fragrance
    Budget: I just bought a bright red Rimmel lipstick I love
    Splurge: Go for your favorite brand and pay a bit more if necessary
  40. Sign up for a beauty subscription box
    Budget: The cheapest boxes cost around 10 $ a month
    Splurge: Pay a bit more for more products and better quality. I got myself a 7 month subscription to a beauty box for a reward when I got a new job in January! Getting that box is a monthly highlight for me – like having Christmas once a month
  41. Update your wardrobe a bit
    Budget: Buy a new dress
    Splurge: Buy a complete look from shoes and dress to accessories – a great reward for reaching your goal weight
  42. Take a photo
    Budget: Take a new profile photo to your social media channels
    Splurge: Schedule a professional photo shoot
  43. Get some art
    Budget: Have your own drawing/painting/photo framed and hang it on your wall
    Splurge: Buy a painting or other art work
  44. Enjoy some greenery
    Budget: Buy a plant
    Splurge: Start a garden or a herb garden as your terrace/balcony project
  45. Book a holiday for a week
    Budget: Spend the holiday week at home – just make it special by arranging lots of nice things to do and places to visit. Or rent a cottage if you can.
    Splurge: Go big. Book your dream holiday.

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