*SIGHS* They Pushed My Surgery Back One Week.

Jan 24, 2011

 Here I am getting anxious already because I was getting closer to my date and just waiting, then I get the call a few minutes ago that they need to move my date back.  This is nerve racking.  My cardio clearance expired and I have to to get an updated clearance. That appointment was set to get in time for the original date.  Now I had to ask are any others gonna expire while I wait for the new date.  My Pulmonary expires on March 2. My new surgery date is Feb 28. I am so very disappointed.

 I specifically picked the week school is out because it would make things easier on the family with me being in the hospital while my son is out from school.  We live in Brooklyn and the surgery being in Long Island, It would be hard for my hubby to go back and forth between Brooklyn and Long Island. to visit me and pick up our son.  The day of the surgery, my son will probably have to miss school that day.  She asked if I was a teacher because the OR is crowded that week with teachers.  Like if I give a " FILTH FLARN FILTH"  about WHY teachers requested that week,  My reasons for requesting that week are specific and just as valid.  She said I was the 5th surgery  that day.  Fine!  I dont want to be 5th of the day when things are kinda hectic so I asked for any other day that week....NOPE

So the 28th it is. I am gonna pout all day now.  WOOOOOOSAAAAHHHHHH !


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