16 years post op ya'll!

Mar 26, 2021

When I turned thirty, I thought I would give myself the best present of getting a lap RNY.  I did ALOT of research and this forum was one of my main avenues I took for support.  I learned at the very beginning even before getting the procedure, that THIS IS ONLY A TOOL:-)...  I had a couple of women in my life that had stomach stapling by in the 80's ya'll!  And they had to get it redone because they just couldn't change their eating habits or their way of life.  So I was going to proof to them that these WLS procedures work if you do it right.  So I lost 100 lbs and kept it off for 15 years.  In the first couple of years I swear I puked a lot.  I discovered what dumping syndrome was about and all the foods I ate all my life were no more. And protein shakes was all I was doing during my office hours.  Very important to keep the protien up in the beginning.  It helps heal your tummy and helps with the energy level.  My energy stooped low and had to adjust.  Here's a weird one I discovered was milk.  Can't drink it or have it in cereal and I am not lactose intollerent because I can do cheese and anything that has it as a by product.  It's something about creamy things that just won't go down and stays up in my throat.  You know that feeling like spit up...lol.  So of course I went through a long learning process of what I can eat and what to stay away from.  I was one of those lucky ones where I knew not to snack on crap.  And if I did I would get that feeling in my throat which I can't stand.  And as the years past I actually can't do foods that are super sweet or sugary. Splenda was my sweetener and now stevia goes in my coffee.  Now I also teeter 20 lbs on and off thru these years.  I had two kids and was able to shed most of the weight off afterwards. But after kid number 2 in 2014 that 20 lbs just stuck to me and had to really work twice as hard to shed anything at that point, but then again I was 40 yrs old and not in a 30 yr old body anymore!LOL.  So now fast foward....breast cancer...  Hit me like a nuke in 10/2019. They cut me, poisoned me and burned me.  Once chemo was done I went into menopause.  And my metabolism is no more....no literally no more because I gained 50 lbs.  I didn't change my diet or anything about my daily life (of couse I was not as active).  Come to find out its the meds that I'm on.  So now I'm on another mission peeps.  Don't know if a revision would even do anything in my curcumstances but you bet your ass I'm researching all my options. I'll keep you posted.


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