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Aug 10, 2009

    Well I finally joined OH today after lurking for information a few times in the past month, I have an appointment with Dr. Ducheine in E. Orange NJ on 8/26/09 for my consultation. I have met with another surgeon but he stopped taking my insurance so I finally found a new one thanks to the great people on here:)  I have started my 6 months of nutritionist counseling with only one month to go and the last surgeon said as long as I have that and comorbidities it shouldn't be hard to get approval from the Insurance company, which I have a few of them not just one or 2 I believe its somewhere along the lines of 5.

    I have been wanting the RNY for a long time now but was always scared my friend who had the lap band said she didnt get the RNY because a friend of hers passed away after having it done and that shook my nerves for a while of course but after looking at how many people are successful and how far the procedure has come I believe I am ready and impatient LoL:)

Now the doctor I am going to it is just a private practice nothing big I believe and I was curious if I should take the initiative to go to the cardiologist and pulmonologist on my own or should I wait for them to send me. If anyone else has used Dr. Ducheine I would appreciate feedback or any information that you would be willing to share. Thanks a bunch and I will post again soon :)

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