Timothy J. Wengert

"From what I've seen and heard from Dr. Wengert so far, he's very knowedgable, and certainly has the surgical skills needed. It's hard to tell what his \"bed side manner\" will be, because I've only attended his informational seminar where he gave a lengthy and interesting talk, and then I spoke to him briefly after that. I'll let you know more as I learn about him.rnrnSince my surgery, I've now begun to see a new surgeon. Dr. Howard Lederer of Hennepin Faculty Associates in Minneapolis, MN.rn"

St. Joseph's Hospital

"St. Joe's....I don't even know where to begin. Except for 1 cna, and 2 nurses, the care I received there was absolutely horrid. One nurse refused to give me my medication, another would only give me the lowest possible dosage, and then tell me that's all I could have...I had to empty out my roommate's "hat", and write down her I&O. I had to straighten up my own bed, take myself for walks, stand in the shower because there were no shower benches....I really could go on and on. The reason I know that the care was dependent upon your surgery is because of my roommate. She had her thyroid removed, and was waited on hand and foot. The treatment she received was entirely different than mine. Keep in mind, I had open RNY, with an incision that was 11" long and took oodles of staples to close. I really do suggest if you have to use this hospital for bariatric surgery, that you make sure to have an advocate and helper with you! You will need them!"

Molly Martin

"My insurance requires that I see a R.D. for a 6 month supervised diet. I began seeing Molly in May, and I have to say she is just fantastic. She's very knowledgeable regarding WLS, and has wonderful ideas to help you get ready for the big leap. She is also extremely easy to talk to/with, and makes you feel very comfortable discussing things with her."
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