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"I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Pleatman and his staff. As others have mentioned, he is very up-front and professional but friendly. I actually think he may be a bit shy which may be perceived as as being aloof, but he's not. I had VSG 11 days ago, and within one week felt completely back to normal... other than a little tenderness where the main incision was, I literally felt like I hadn't had anything done! There was very little actual pain post-op, and I have had no nausea and no problems with acid or reflux (both of which were big problems before surgery). He also repaired a hiatal hernia which neither of us knew was there. The hospital staff spoke highly of him while I was there as well. You can't get a better self-pay deal without going to Mexico, but the good news is you're not settling--you're getting a very highly skilled surgeon and a great all-around experience. I would recommend Dr. Pleatman to anyone!"
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