Pregnancy Update Week 13

Mar 08, 2010

Post Date 3/8/10 12:30 pm

Here is my Post band surgery pregnancy update

So far so good! Last appointment was Feb 17 and we got to see our beautiful baby on u/s since my heart was so loud we couldn't hear the baby's!  All is well and baby is developing normally. OB has said all my "issues" are normal too and will most likely remain throughout the pregnancy. These issues are:

- Severe constipation
- Bloating

Morning sickness is not starting to wear off yet. I hoping for that  magical switch to be flipped that all pregnant women talk about during the 13-15th weeks that makes nausea go away. So far no go for me but I still have a good supply of Zofran in case the nausea gets too bad.

Constipation LOL wow that is another story. Between the prenatal vitamins and the general slack in my digestive process as my body absorbs as much nutrient as possible, I am on a strict OB approved regimine of 2 Colase each night and 1 Activia yogurt and a serving of prunes each day. This is the ONLY way I can get my bowels to move. Very unpleasant!! But I am living. Have only had to give myself an enema twice (also OB approved) so hopefully the Colase/Activia/Prunes combo will continue to move em on through! Bloating is something I have not experienced since before my band surgery and is very difficult ot deal with. My stomach puffs out like you wouldn't believe and boy is it uncomfortable. Luckily Maalox (OB approved) helps relieve the bloat but tell that to my poor pants LOL Needless to say I sit at my desk with my pants unbuttoned after lunch!!

Some other things I am experiencing: SEVERE NIGHT SWEATS...oh my God. I have to change my shirt like 2 times a night, it is so nasty. I actually keep an extra sheet next to thebed in case I wake up and the bed is too wet for me to sleep on. Good news is I am not getting up to pee as much at night.  FATIGUE...i am so tired all the time. I go to bed nightly at 8 pm. I sleep all night (with the exception of the aforementioned sweaty wake ups). Then I wake up tired. Ridiculous! It is 330 pm now and I am ready for bed!

Next OB appointment is Mar 18th. No u/s that day, only Doppler to hear the heartbeat so we know the baby is ok. Apr 21 will be our 18-20 week u/s where we will find out if our little munchkin is a boy or a girl. Kevin wants a girl so badly (as do I) but healthy is our main priority.

I have only gained about 8 pounds over the last 3 months and my OB is VERY satisfied with this. I have no idea why I am not gaining more. I am so open I can eat just about anything without getting stuck. I feel like I am eating an ENORMOUS amount of food also. I guess the baby is really using the extra energy. Can't believe I had full restriction 4 weeks ago. There is no way I would be able to do that at this point because if I don't have a small snack every few hours I am FAMISHED.

Just wanted to fill you all in! Have a great day!