Almost 10 months out

Nov 26, 2007

I'm still bouncing between 280 and 285, being down 215-220 pounds.  I did test the waters a bit over Thanksgiving...had a little bit of apple nut cake.  It wasn't a large piece, but it was more than just a taste.  I don't think I dump, and that kind of sucks, but I'm certain I can manage on will power alone.  That's never been one of my big problems.  Quantity and quality were my issues.  I'm still struggling with quality, but the quantity issue was solved by the surgery.

I've been VERY slack on going to the gym this month. I got a pretty nasty bronchitis/tonsilitis which put me out of the game for a couple of weeks, then Aunt Flo visited...and I've just not picked up from there.  I have GOT to get back.  I'm making that this week's make it to the gym at least 3 times by Saturday.  Will update this weekend and give progress on that mini goal.

9 month visit

Nov 02, 2007

Weighed in on Dr  Hipp's scales at 280.2.  I missed my goal by 5.2 pounds, which is a bummer.  I've been playing around with these past 5 pounds for over a month it seems.  

I've not been to the gym in about 2 weeks now, and I'm feeling it.  At first I had Aunt Flo, and immediately after that, I got bronchitis and tonsilitis.  I'm still not fully well...have about 2 days more of antibiotics to get through.  I'm still coughing when I exert too much energy, am hoarse (so Homecoming's special music is gonna be a riot if my voice doesn't come back), and my nose is constantly draining.  I guess one good thing is that my throat isn't nearly as sore as it was last week, but it's still not exactly right.

Guess I'll set Thanksgiving as my goal for getting down to 275.  Dr Hipp expects me to continue to lose for another 6 months or more, so I know I'm not done....just taking a little break it seems.

Back to 283

Oct 21, 2007

Aunt Flo started on Thursday and should be up today or tomorrow.  Haven't been to the gym since Wednesday, so again, it's not been a good week.  Still trying for that goal, tho.

Long Week

Oct 14, 2007

It's been a tremendously long week for me.  They put my grandmother in the hospital in the next town over, so been traveling back and forth at night...made for a tiring week.  Only managed to get to the gym twice, and have been eating way more than my fair share of fast food...Arby's mostly.  Hope my weigh in tomorrow morning isn't too bad.

On a good note, my grandma was released today, so this was my last trip over there to see her!  She's home now, and will take a few days to recouperate.  

I gotta get some new bras, so planning to go shopping next weekend for them...looking forward to that, but not to spending the money.

Here we go again

Oct 07, 2007

Ok,. bounced back up to 285 for this morning's weigh-in.  Looks like we're going to be playing that game again this month.  Still going for the goal of 275 by my next Dr visit on the 31st.  That's 10 pounds in 3 weeks...eek!  Gonna try my best, though.

Shrinking and loving it

Oct 06, 2007

I'm finally shrinking out of my "new" clothes...this is completely cool.  Things I've purchased only 2-3 months ago are now falling off...especially pants.  If it weren't for my stomache skin, I'd be consistently in a 20.  Due to the skin, though, I have to wear a 22 or 24, which end up being too big in the waist.  I'd also be able to wear more shirts if I didn't have the bulge to try and cover up, right now they have to be at least 30" long or I wouldn't be caught dead in them.  

Found a couple of cute shirts, a pair of pants (that were actually long enough), and some shoes at Cato today.  Then dropped by Beall's outlet and got a couple of pair of workout pants.  I've been wearing the same 2 pair since I started, and both are white.  I got a light pair of heather grey ones and a pair of charcoal ones well as a new FSU shirt.  

Been raining here a lot lately...getting pretty tired of frizzy hair. 

My next appointment with Dr Hipp is on the 31st.  Would like to be 275 by then, but since it looks like I've actually gained 5 pounds this week, I don't know if that's a possibility.  I'll do my best, though!


Oct 03, 2007

It's just dawned on me that I forgot my B-12 shot in September.  I'm about 2 weeks late for it, so I have to remember to get it done today.  Will also try to get some pics taken today.  If I don't manage that, then it'll be Sunday before I get them.

Went Tuesday after work to meet with my Voc Rehab counselor.  She's asked me to find out what it will take to get my therapy license back...apparently they're going to help me do that.  Not sure if that's what I want to do because I know I won't be able to use it why go to the trouble when I know I won't be using it.  I am really not up to moving...I want to stay close by my family.  But I guess that's something I'll casually work on, since it's one of the VR goals.  She was very pleased with my results from surgery, and commented several times that I was doing better than most of her cases with less excess skin and better proportion.  That at least made me smile.

Have upped the treadmill speed on Monday to 3.7 and have been doing 2 miles in about 34 minutes as well as 5 miles on the bike, which takes 20 minutes.  I still use my left hand for stability on the rail, and have noticed my right shoulder is really sore from the swinging motion.  Guess I need to start alternating, but that's gonna be a hassle with switching my mp3 player from side to side so I don't swipe the cord and fling it across the room (been there, done that).

Still looking for a workout partner, my mom's ditched me yet again.  She hasn't been since the first week we signed up.  I wonder why she'd pay for a year if she wasn't going to actually use it....doesn't make sense to me.  Wendy is having her surgery this coming Monday, so hopefully when she gets to feeling better and drops some of the initial weight, she'll feel like going.  I know it took me a good 3 months to really feel up to it, and I can recall starting out at 2.2 on the treadmill and was THRILLED to get a half mile.  Everyone has to start somewhere!

Guess I need to get to the store to pick up some water today.  Need to look through the paper and see who has it on sale this week. 


Sep 30, 2007

My goal is official!  I have 33 pounds to go for my next goal, and I'm pretty optimistic that I'll have that done by my surgery date.  That would mean 250 pounds lost in the first year...granted 20 of it was from the cyst they removed at the time of surgery, but hey...I'm counting that bad boy!

Put up another lot of ebay clothes over the weekend.  This should be the last one for a while, as a lot of the stuff is barely too big or just stuff I didn't wear which technically fit, but I haven't worn since I purchased them a couple of years ago.  

We had a spur of the moment concert yesterday...the concert I went to Saturday night had their Sunday morning gig cancelled, so we had them come to our church yesterday.  They're fantastic!  I'd heard them before, but they now have a new lead singer, and their tenor is still the most fantastic I've ever heard in person!  In all the commotion, I forgot to take my camera to get my 8 month pics.  Will try to get them done today. 

Goal Unofficially Met!

Sep 27, 2007

Haven't been on the scale in a couple of days, but I checked in this morning.  To my surprise, it registered 285.8!  That's met my goal of being under 40 BMI. I'm so excited, and although it's unofficial, as my weigh-in day is Monday...I'm counting it as a goal met by the end of September!  This is so very exciting to me.

Have been very religious in my workouts since Aunt Flo ended.  I'm consistently at 3.6 speed on the treadmill, and have been going from 1.5-2 miles a day walking, then from 10-20 minutes on the bike.  That's been totaling a solid 45 minute workout each day, which I'm proud of.  Would still love to have a partner to go with, but I treated myself to an MP3 player for my birthday, so at least that's made going a little less like a chore.  I really need some better ear buds...the ones I have don't fit me very well.  I think I might like some that actually go inside the ear canal like a hearing aid.  Will be on the look out for something better.

My next goal is to be below 250!  That's about 36 pounds from now...would like to accomplish this by my 1 year surgiversary...January 29, 2008.  That's 4 months away...quite a hefty goal, but I'm gonna go for it!!!

Will have my 8 month pics up this weekend.

September Measurements

Sep 23, 2007

Last month's measurements never got taken, so technically these are Aug and Sept measurements.  

R calf - 21 3/4
L calf - 20
R thigh - 27 1/2
L thigh - 27 1/2
R forearm - 12 1/4
R wrist - 7 5/8
R bicep - 16 7/8
L forearm - 12 1/8
L wrist - 7 5/8
L b icep - 17 1/4
waist - 48 3/8 *
chest below boobs - 46
hips - 57 1/4 *
neck - 17 1/2

* indicates an increase from last measurements

Everything went down excluding my hips and waist.  I actually gained about an inch in both areas....not good.

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