AGAINST my better Judgement.............. :(

Jun 17, 2014

Hi All....  after my surgery on May 27th, I decided I was only going to weigh in at my first 2 post-op appointments (exactly 2 weeks post-op and then 6 weeks and 2 days post-op) and then monthly thereafter..........   Well, my first weigh in at the 2 week mark went well......Here lies the problem.....     2 days ago (Monday the 16th)  I had to do my bloodwork, and the lab is in the same building as the office for my surgeon and yes, the SCALE! Well, like a magnet, I ended up being drawn into the office after I did my blood-work and asked if I could weigh myself.....  I figured with the HUGE amount of weight I have to lose and the good start I had at my weigh-in last week, this should be a really big number... after all, it was just 1 day short of 3 weeks since I was on the Operating table!!!!     WRONG !!!!   I was only down 4.6lbs!!!    Now I realize a lot of you may think that might not be THAT bad... but look  at my weight!!!  4.6lbs is like tossing a deck chair off the Queen Mary to try to lighten its load!  I talked to a few people (friends/family, not OH members) and they said they were surprised it was so small of a number too..... so that fed into my nervousness.....  I have followed this eating program to the letter!  I have been tracking EVERYTHING. I have been between 40-60oz of liquids.....  350-550 calories.....  20-30gr of fat and 50-80gr of protein daily. I have even walked some. Not a lot but I am getting there....  My fear now is that somehow, am I the only one that this surgery is NOT going to work for??? I don't see how but this seems against the laws of physics....  Eating THAT little and losing THAT little at this size seems incomprehensible to me. Well, my next apt is July 10th and I am going nowhere near a scale until then. July 10th will be exactly 6 weeks and 2 days post-op. I WAS banking on a good loss (like my 2 week post-op on June 10th but now I am nervous about it instead).  I'm not in a full-on panic.. ((yet!))   but I am definitely concerned... this does not make sense to me....  I hope this is some anomaly instead of a failure of some sort.. Thanks for listening everybody Have a good day!!!