Third Official Post-Op Weigh-In..SOOOO close !

Aug 12, 2014

Hi All, 

  I wanted to give everyone an update...... I went in for blood work and my monthly weigh-in and I dropped 27.6 this month.

My surgery was 11 weeks ago today and so far I am down 96.7 lbs so my goal of 100lbs in the first 3 months is within striking distance! I have 15 more days to lose 3.3 lbs to make it an even 100 ! As negative as I can be about myself....  Even I admit that should be very attainable! 

  Also, I have received a few PM's about pictures....  I suppose everyone here is not thrilled to be in front of a camera so I am not alone in that sense and since I feel I am amongst friends/peers, against my better judgement, I will post some pictures.... The MAIN reason I decided to do it is because I have had a few people tell me that it would be inspirational to others and it would be nice to see the progress... I do not see myself as 'inspirational' in ANY way shape or form but of the word, but as the cliche' goes, if it helps even one person, it is very worth it so I will get over my self consciousness and do it ....   Thanks for reading and have a great day everybody!