I have never been skinny. I always felt fat since my Dad has a bit of an issue with his weight and was hypersensitive about it and had a little bit of a projection issue. : ) As puberty hit I began to gain and was over 200 lbs in high school. I have been over 250 lbs for most of my adult life. I have 3 beautiful children. 5 yr old son, twin 2 yr olds - boy and girl, and a wonderful supportive husband who has struggled with his weight as well. May 2012 I had a trip to the emergency room at our local heart hospital and it was a wake up call. I am willing to do whatever it takes to stick around for my babies and my man. I began my journey May 2012 toward surgery and got my sleeve on November 12th. My husband got his sleeve on December 3rd.


Started Pre-op Diet 10/15/12 at 297 lbs

surgery 11/12/12 at 285 lbs 

Month 1- 257 lbs (28 lbs)

Month 2 ?



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