Nov 27, 2020

The only surgeries I had ever had prior to my sleeve were 3 C-sections. So I had a pretty good idea what the physical healing was going to be like but I was still nervous af about being put under for this since I had never had general anesthesia. When I am stressed or overly anxious I become quiet, I am overthinking everything in my head, needless to say I didnt have a lot to contribute to the conversation in the car with my mom. 

I had my care team and surgery at a hospital in the Kansas City metro that I had worked at previously for 3 years and I knew I could trust this team with my life. Now, remember we are currently in a pandemic , most hospitals including 2 I currently work for do not allow visitors or anyone to come with you during any procedure, This hospital did. They laid out the process for my mom, when she could come see me, how long I should be in Pre OP, how long the surgery should be, how long I would be in recovery and when I would be taken to my room upstairs. 

During pre op... I was no longer excited for my surgery, I WAS SCARED. I kept going over my choices in my head and decided if I made the right choice or not. The PACU nurses were sweet and tried to set me at ease. I however hate needles ( minus the 11 tattoos and 13 piercings of course  those different lol) I am usually blessed because I have amazing veins which makes me an easy stick... even dehydrated . This day was a completely different story! The first IV they attempted to do blew, The second they attempted to do blew, then the third as well. At this point I am SERIOUSLY thinking this is a sign I need to back out. They finally got one in on the 4th try in the crease of my elbow ( never where you want it if you plan on having it in for a day or so, it kinks if you bend your arm and hurts)

I spoke with my entire team about what to expect, of course we went over my medical history again for the millionth time ( which was more than okay with me, lets make sure everything is good) My anesthesiologist came in, did her part, then informaed me that there is a very good likelihood that when I wake up I am going to have what feels like severe chest pain, its not going to be pleasant at all but to know it is not chest pain but in fact gas pain from the air the will be using. My OR nurse then came in to let me know my Surgeon was running a little behind due to complications with the person before me during pre op.  2 hours later I hear the curtain next to me move and all the noises of them moving a bed with a patient into that room. This patient was moaning loudly in pain, I knew she had just had done what I was doing.... AGAIN did I want to do this?!?! lol. 

My turn to go back to the OR! It was a short ride to the OR but my care team kept the convo light and was joking with me to set me at ease. The last thing I remember was taking deep breaths then I was waking up in recovery WITH THAT HORRIBLE CHEST PAIN. I remember nothing I did helped relieve it but I was so thankful I was given the heads up about what it was. My 2 hours in recovery really only felt like 20 minutes. I was then being wheeled upstairs.

As soon as they got me situated I was given pain meds, since I wasnt taking anything by mouth I was given Morphine. It hit pretty quickly but so did the nausea it caused. I looked to the nurse and asked for a barf bag and something to help prevent me throwing up ( I remembered reading and speaking with my surgeon early on about how painful this would be and how it may complicate things for me) She gave me the barf bag and injected the anti nausea meds into my IV. My cell phone had been blowing up ( only my close family and friends knew what I was doing everyone else thought I was getting my gall bladder removed. I am typically a pretty private person and didnt feel others needed to know this ) My mom also showed up, within 10 minutes I told her she should just go home since all I would be doing is sleeping. 

The first 4 hours I was sleeping, I was too afraid to try any liquids so soon, They had me doing the breathing treatment to help keep me from getting pneumonia from the breathing tube. I decided I wanted to start walking every 2-3 hours. We learned that I would end up in pain after walking and thats when I would get pain meds. What they do not tell you is that for the first day or so after surgery you do not feel the urge to pee. I had a routine going, get up and use the restroom, walk 1-2 laps around the floor, try to drink 2 oz of fluids, pain meds and sleep. By 11am I was ready to be discharged. Discharge is a WHOLE process. You literally meet with the pharmacist, the case worker, I met with the bariatrics coordinator for KU, and of course my nurse on doctors orders for discharge and follow up. 


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