Day 7

Nov 30, 2020

I made it to 7 days post op! its the little things.. I am offically off of all pain medicatins and started driving 3 days ago. I am down 30 pounds between the pre op diet and surgery. I dont see it but i really do feel it!. My 5 little incisions seem to be healing fine , the bruising around them has turn yellow and they itch. Now that the swelling has gone down I can feel my actual stomach trying to digest the water and jello . I have my 1 week post op appointment tomorrow , im excited to learn how i am doing from a medical perspective. I go back to work next sunday and i am kind of excited. I have been going insane sitting at home. I have so much more energy than i did even a month ago. I love cooking and baking and the fact that i cant eat any of it hasnt phased me at all.I started my phase 2 diet today and im excited to try other foods. Overall its been an pretty positive experience. 

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