4 weeks and 1 day Post Op

Dec 22, 2020

I am a slacker on updating.....

Yesterday was my 4 weeks post op.... I still feel amazing. I have so much more energy than I did pre surgery. I try not to focus so much on how much weight im losing just bevause for me its about so much more. Weight lss is the big goal but feeling better and being healthier is the most important thing to me. I did have a set back about 2 weeks ago however. I was supposed to have my Gall Bladder removed during my surgery since I already had Gall stones and the Sleeve can cause them as well. My surgeon did not remove my Gall Bladder however.. When I had my 1 week post op it was with a different surgen since mine didnt have any openings. He looked through my records and couldnt figure out why it wasn't removed as well. Needless to say my Gall Bladder started to flare up and everything ( water included) gave me heart burn. Now, if you have had a consult about getting the Sleeve, looked into it, scheduled to have it done or have already had it done then you know that the part of your stomach they remve is also the part that helps your body fight heart burn. I am offically back on presciption heart burn medicaiton indefinitly. Yes, I can have another surgery to have it removed, but I do not have the savings and PTO left for another surgery lol.


I am down 38 pounds as of today... yay.. i do not see a difference but i feel good and my clothes fit better. I am on the 2nd week of my stage 3 diet.. 2 more to go then i can attempt to try normal food to see what i can tolerate. Everyone is different so hearing stories in support groups can be a little off putting. I did have a weak moment last night and took a bite of my friends buffalo chicken tender.. I chewed like crazy lol it was sooo good and i didnt have any issues digesting it. I will prbably start tryng little things here and there but i dont want to push it ... This is truly a lifestyle change but so far its working out .


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