11 March 08
Well i'v done it.I had my cosultation with the surgeon yesterday and i am officially booked for surgery on 21st may 08! It seems a long way off, would have liked it earlier but due to family committments could not. Every night i think about it and every night the nerves kick in.I am almost to scared to be skinny!!
Iam in my 40s and have been overweight since i was in my teens. There have been times over the last 20 years where i have been in the mid 70kg range but mostly i hover between 85-105kg. The skinny periods a short and have required many diet agents to get there.But it dosnt matter how hard i work to loose the fat it always hunts me down and finds me.Usually bringing a few more kg friends with it!!
So after having my children i have now decided it is time to take a final stand and get healthy.I have not told many people what i am doing as i still feel a bit embarrassed that it has come to this.But i am a realist and i know strong measures are required if i am to see my chilfdren grow to adults.
My husband is very supportive and my best friend who has had this procedure is very inspirational and encouraging.She will be a big support in the coming months.
So this is it , the start of my new life.No longer will i be on the fringes observing life i will be skinny and participating in it!!!

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