fallen down

Aug 24, 2010

It has been 2.5 years and i am writting this blog to try and get myself back on track
In the last 8 mths i have gained 5.4 kg!!God it sounds so bad when i say that and i feel awful.I feel fat, grotesque ugly and extremely disappointed in my self.
Two things occured at the start of the year which changed my eating and have made me fail.firstly i went on hormone therapy.I was advised that i could gain up to 4kg!! ACHIEVED and then some.Secondly i totally went off the eating guidelines!!BIG MISTAKE.Gone was healthy snacks and protein, instead i became obsessed with carbs and lollies.As for exwercise, non existant.
I have spent 2 mths now feeling bad and self loathing.but a friend and my husband both pointed out id gained pounds, HORRIBLE
So as of today im im a strict diet of how i should be eating. i have gone back to protein meal replacements to help out.
Hopefully i will loos ethe weight quickly and regain my self esteem.
I definately loved the the new skinny me and i want that back


May 21, 2009

well its been a year and what a year it has been.I have gone from 106.9kg to 66.7 kg.!!!! a wopping 40.2 kg.
I look back at the last year and except for the odd bad month, especially 11 mths out, it overall has been wonderful.
I still pinch my self often to make sure it is all real, am i that much slimmer! I cannot rave enough about wls and i will be forever grateful to my wonderful surgeon and support of my fellow sleevers and friends. Being "Normal" for the first time in over 20 years is a gift.Not only do i physically look better, my health and lifestyle is fantastic.
I am more confident and shopping has become a new passion.It really is so nice to be able to buy clothes, not because they fit , but because they look good.
I really wish all obese people could have this opportunity to experience what ia m experiencing.Unfortunately it dosnt matter how lovely and beautiful on the inside you are, people dont see past the layers of fat.I know that is a poor sad thing to say, but it is true. I have experienced both sides now and people definately treat you better when you are skinnier.What a sad society  we sometimes live in!!
Any way i am a new me and life will be wonderful. I know i will always have to be careful with my diet and will need to remember to live by the sleeve guidelines, a very small price to pay for the benefits .My goals now for the next year are to try and loose a few more kg.I Would really love to be between 60-65 kg this time next year.I am also going to try to get more regular with exercise  and tone p more as it is a constant struggle for me.
 May you all be as successful as me in your own journeys and for people considering doing VSG do it.You will never look back

11 months

Apr 21, 2009

Nothing great this month ( Written retrospectively aas it is now may).So close to my goal of making 40kg loss in 12mths but yet so far.am 1.2kg away and frustrated at not moving it.Unfortunately for 3 mths have been having hormone treatment which is making me cranky , bloated and unhappy. In turn have been eating extremely poor.Lots of old habits snuck back in.Snacking on carbs carbs and more carb,in turn not happy!Not drinking enough water and definately not eating well.

10months out

Mar 30, 2009

well its slowly approaching the 12 month mark , infact only 7.1 weeks away.My weight has not reallly changed in the last 3 months but nor have i tried real hard! I am currently 68kg which is 38.9kg loss.I very up and down from this by about 1kg.my personal goal was to be 65 kg by my anniversary but as i havnt really been sticking to things i probably want make it Am i dissappointed, a little, but at the same time i have nearlly lost 40kg so i cant complain.Life is wonderful.I still get a buzz from nice compliments and absolutely love shopping for clothes.As for swimming it has been the first summer in 20years were i have casually walked around in my bathers in front of people.Very nice to go swimming and not feel self conscious of self.

9 months

Feb 27, 2009

well a very quiet month.no weight change but still feeling great.have some great photos so must learn how to put them on my profile.still finding it easy to live post surgery and no problems to talk about.still poor at exercising.must really try to do some more sit ups,i have a really jelly like stomachstill!

8 months

Jan 18, 2009

Well iv done the unthinkable! I have made it to a healthy BMI first time in over 22 years!!!I have a BMI of 24.8. and only 4.1 kg to goal.Who would have thought vsg could be this successful.To any one who reads this and is awaiting or thinking of this surgery , go for it!!!!!!
My life is so much more exciting and i am happier in my self.I went and brought some nice lingerie  to share with my husband and myself to celebrate my BMI.I have not done this ever.And may i add my husband thought i was hot.It is absolutely a buzz hearing that. Me the fat girl (well old fat girl) never got compliments like that.
The only thing i regrett is that i did not have surgery earlier.It feels like i have wasted the last 20 years dieting and missing out on living.But hey better later than never

7 months post !

Dec 10, 2008

Well i seen the surgeon today and all my blood work is normal.The most exciting thing is my cholesterol is down from 8.2 to 3.6.This is fantastic.The most precious thing gained over the last 7mths is the benefits to my health.Yes looking a million bucks is great also!!! Reaching 70kg was a dream months ago, but today a reality.I have 1kg to go to hit this goal and 6 more to hit goal weight of 65kg.
What use to feel like a near impossibility is going to become reality in the next few mths.For the first time in about 20 years i am happy to wear bathers, shorts and firm fitted clothes.Im actually looking forward to summer and swimming with my kids.I am no longer embarrassed to be seen at the beach or in restaurants .I was always conscious of people looking at the FAT lady, not any more.Im normal i blend in and it is the best feeling in the world
Merry Xmas To All


Nov 21, 2008

Yes a big clap for me.I am 6mths out and it is so successful!! Why didnt i do it sooner.I am actually living and enjoying life so much more.The whole experience has been so rewarding i just want to tell every obese person to go and be SLEEVED!!!
No longe rdo i feel the odd one out at functions, or work, or shopping centre and oh how nice it is to buy a size 12!!!
No longer do little skinny shop assistants snub there nose  or ignore me. It is just so wonderful.I can now buy clothes that suit rather than pick what ever fits. I feel so much more enrgetic, although thanks too my beautiful little rug rats there are days i am exhausted.! I dont think i would have been up to the mothering challenge had i not lost weight over these last 6 mths.
I am now33.7 kg lighter or 74.14lb.
I eat pretty much anything but am careful with my sweets.I still struggle with protein , i still walk for exercise but have yet to take up a strengthening sport. I no longer feel week but i definately need to tone up.My stomach is disappearing but resembles a big tub of jelly!! My husband said my bum has nearlly diasappeared! UNFORTUNATELY MY HAIR CONTINUES TO FALL OUT EVEN THOUGH I HAD IT CHOPPED SHORT. Yes its highlighted as it is really the only worry i have.
I am even allowing myself to be photographed more. Now my kids will grow up with photos of me too, instead of them and their dad in all of them.
People are starting to really notice and the compliments are a real ego boost, its just a whole new wonderful adventure.YEH SLEEVED IS GREAT!!

5 months post surgery!!

Oct 05, 2008

Well 5 months has gone bye and life just gets better every day!! after initially stalling my body has adjusted and fat is on the move again! I have now lost 29.7 kg or for the non metric folk  65.3lb. I now feel comfortable knowing that yes stalls happen but heyy just keep going and eventually weight loss will continue. I am now into size 12/14 clothes which is pretty amazing.One of my big goals is to be able to be a comfortable size 12 so im getting closer.
I am yet to be able o eat the allocated protein but im not too concerned.I should improve my eating choices as it is a bitr hit and miss some days but as i continue to loose weight i am noot to concerned.But from a healthy point of view i will try .
The weather in this part of the world is starting to get hot and humid so i have slackened a bit on my walking.Will need to try to go early in morning or may be do strengthening stuff at home. I notice i have skin wrinkes from fat loss and im a bit wobbley in places.
The other major problem at present is my hair loss.I am loosing it by the brush full. I know others have had this problem and i know it slows down.I am hoping it slows befre i become bald!!
Until next month CIAO

4 Months out!

Sep 09, 2008

yes 4 months post my big life changing experience and all going well.My weight loss has slowed a lot and for the first time i actually gained weight.It was only 200g but it made me pannic for a bit.However it has also made me get back on track a bit as i was wandering into some old habits, mainly lollies and desert!!!
So i am trying to be calm with it and go a bit easy on my self.I can start to see a few changes, mainly i have less back fat!! i also am slimming down in face.I am wearing a size 14 jean, although they are starting to get a bit loose.
Bit annoyed as i wanted to make i t to 80kg before september but am shy by 2kg. Oh well hopefully i will loose this week .I really would just love to say i weigh 70 something kg.Sounds so much better than 100 something.
People are starting to comment and ask how iv been loosing weight.Only my close friends know iv had surgery so i feel like a bit of a fraud when i say exercise and diet.Although i ts not too far from the truth.I think i might tell people when i get to goal but until then its personal.Mainly i dont want to hear peoples negative comments on wls.
I still only walk as exercise and realize i need to do muscle strengthening but i find time constraints with kids family work a bit much.So i will be content to do what i can. I really would love to start swimming as i enjoy it, ill see how i go,Fingers crossed ill have a good month and hopefully make it into the 70s

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