Gevorg "George" Mutafyan

"Dr Mutafyan did a wonderful job of helping me to understand what to expect from the surgery, and has been there for me even after it was all done. I've had absolutely NO complications in the two months since my RnY surgery was done (surgery date was 10/27/2016). I continue to have complete confidence in Dr Mutafyan's abilities. I do plan to see him when the time comes that I want to have my excess skin removed. I can't say enough good about him and his staff. They got things done so very fast and so smoothly, it was almost effortless on my part (well, everything but the presurgical weight-loss, but then, we're not doing this because losing weight without this tool is "easy", right?). He has privileges at Glendale Adventist, which was also wonderful and attentive to my every need. They were also happy, and cheerful, and had a wonderful sense of humor. A perfect pairing, methinks!"
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