Day 9 Liquid Diet

Aug 16, 2011

Wow, I did not think i would make it this far on the liquid diet.  The first three days were pretty tough.  I have gotten down a system of what I can eat and how much to lose weight, still have some energy to exercise and not starve.  I have to have about 1400 calories a day, or it just isn't enough.  I have not cheated and was not really even tempted even though I made my daughter her birthday cake this am.  I also made a special birthday breakfast and had my shake.  I think I am OK for now and pray every day for the strength to do this. 

So, all in all doing OK.  Alicia goes to college in two days.  Yikes, the last one.  I will really miss her, but I have been a mom to four kids for 26 years and think I could get used to a little me time right now.   I will not be looking for a man for at least a year.  I want to get through the skin surgery and the last mastectomy surgery and then I will look.  That gives me about 15 months to work on myself and see how I like living alone.  I have never done that.  I went from my fathers house to my first husbands house and then had kids.  I love my kinds but am ready for the transition.  i was not ready eight years ago when the oldest went to college, but I am ready now.

Looking forward to the five weeks off too.  Hope I am not really sick.  Next Monday it will be done. 


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