Feeling better, but not losing any weight?

Sep 02, 2011

I have been feeling better and went and got my computer today from work.  I get to work from home...Yea me....anyway...If you have to work, working from home is not a bad thing....lol. 

I have been riding my bike 2+ miles a day and my food is under 600cals but I am stuck on the scale for the past three days...Yikes... Called the docs office and the dietician told me that I can bump up my water.  That is good because I ended up drinking 8 oz of water in one shot yesterday after my bikeride.  The protien is good so it has to be lack of fluids.  I know I have been lacking the past few days.  Keeping the log and making sure I get at least 48 oz in.  Not so easy when you eat too.  I will have to plan for water and food times so I can get it all in and not eat or drink the hour I eat.  Kind of weird, but hey, whatever works.  Hope to have the scale move tomorrow :)


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