Losing Fairly Steadily

Oct 11, 2011

Its been about a month since I checked in.  I am down 45.6lbs as of today.  15. 4 was pre-op so have lost 30.2 since the surgery 7+ weeks ago.  I think I am on track now.  The biggest issue I was having was that I was trying to go back to my old eating habits of fast food.  I justified it by lack of time.  REALLY, NOT.  I have more time now that I am an empty nester than I ever have had.  It was just habit and LAZY.  I hate to cook and thought I would be fine just eating out.  Not working well.  I have an ulcer now and it is getting treated with pepsid and cavarafe (Sp).  I have to take the pepsid every morning and the other stuff 30 minutes before I eat.  Not an issue in the morning but you have to take it 2 hours after you last ate.  Talk about having my life controlled by food.  I thought it was before. 

Anyway,  I have been cooking things and freezing them in portion sizes.  I only have 3 different things right now, but I will be doing more cooking this weekend.  It is fall break for Alicia and she is also having her wisdom teeth out also on Thursday, so I will be at home. 

Really stressed at work. Trying to learn how to deal with stress and not eat.  Also dealing with the hormones of fast weight loss and I think that is not helping.  Trying to just relax and listen to my music as I do my work.  Our new person is here to help me, but needs to be trained.  I just need to be patient until he can really do something,  I think it will get better as time goes by.  Charles leave in December and I will take over his cases and move into that slot 20 hours a week.  Really looking forward to that.  I will be glad when I do not have to work with the supervisor I am dealing with temporarily now.  Who Hoo.  Anyway I just need to sit back and relax and get sleep, eat well, exercise and take my vitamins and drink water.  

I wanted to get on the dating websites but am not really ready.  I need to lose at least 50 more lbs before that happens.  I told myself after the holidays.  I also had to bow out of the church musical as I am just too tired right now and have to focus on the weight loss and exercise.  I guess I am learning to take care of myself more.

Money is tight but that is not new, just working on some solutions to that.  It will happen, just not as soon as I would have hoped...agh.  Need to get some of the medical bills paid and then will be in a much better place.

Doing well with the weight loss and just dealing with normal issues.  So I think I am doing well.



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