Reactive Hypoglycemia

Jul 07, 2019


I had my initial surgery in 2011.  I started noticing issues with dizziness etc.  a few years ago.  This got worse this year.  I have only had BS as low as 46, so not as bad as some.  They did a barium swallow last month and it was like I never had a stoma to begin with.  It took all of 5 seconds from my mouth for food to get to through the small pouch I have to my intestines.  They did not need approval from ins. to fix the stoma.  I am not sure if it was because of the pictures from my glucometer showing a rapid rise in 27 min to 312 and a plumet to 50 in another 20 min.   I was only eating select foods to keep it within a good range.  The combination was also very important.  


Today I am 5 days out from the overstitch and wondering if it has been helpful for others with RH.  

Thank you!




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