Wow,  My story where to begin, I have always been that "fat friend" and I was ok with that because everyone needs a fat friend.  Until I noticed I was not able to play with my child as much as I should be or my body ached more then it should , just a small change here and there but enough for me to look in the mirror one day and say OMG who is that person, who is that fat person and it was me.  from my elbows down to me y hands and from my knees down to my feet hey its great, but that middle area yikes scary.  I was always a big girl big boned my parents used to say, In high school there was this one girl who was also over weight that made a comment in from t of the whole gym class that I will never forget she said "have you ever seen a whale cry, no neighter have I but I did see Tammy blubber"  that was when it started, the names the hurt, the stares, the comments and it just constantly got worse as I got older, who would have thougtht that a preemie that you could have held in the palm of your hand, I think because you are so small that people are always trying to make you bigger and healthier and I just took that to other levels and once it started I couldnt stop it.  Now I am trying to stop it.

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