Mar 10, 2009

Oh my it's been a long month!!
I started out last month getting a fill, then getting a stomach virus and having a 1cc unfill.  Two weeks after getting the unfill I went in to get a fill.  The doctor could only get 0.2 cc in.  Two weeks after that I went back again (last saturday) for another fill.  I was trying to get back to where I was before the unfill.  The doctor could only get in 0.1cc - barely enough to say he put anything in!  But it worked!  The doctor said my pouch was a little enlarged and I needed to really watch my portion size.  Well, after I had the unfill, I ate a WHOLE turkey wrap from arbys!  I know that is when I over did it! 
Now I am back on track.  I have lost 3 pounds since saturday!  I have offically lost 110 lbs!!
I am not scheduled to go back until the end of april.  Dang, this year is going by fast - my 1 year anniversary is coming up fast!!


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