Getting Fit

Feb 09, 2009

Seems like forever since I added an update, but it has only been a week.  I have started doing the eliptical. My best friend has a brand new machine.  I'm only doing it for 20 minutes at a time but that is more than enough for me.  My legs are killing me.  I haven't gone to curves because I am sweating more using the elliptical than going to curves.  But I still need to keep going to curves and I plan on doing that tonight.  I have lost about 3 pounds in the last week.  I really do need to stay off of the scale.  Even when it gives me a good number, I don't believe it.  I joined a challenge to stay away from the scale but I couldn't do it.  The most I made it was 3 days.  I have been better - only weighing every other day.  The weight seems to come off better if I would just wait to weigh myself.  Why do I think that I need to lose every single day.  I am currently still trying to wear my size 22 pants.  They are about falling off of me.  I do not have any size 20's but I do have several size 18's.  Of course only one of those fit me.  The others - well I still need to keep losing before I can fit into them.  Maybe another 5-10 pounds.  In the meantime I am going to keep wearing my old baggy pants. 

My Valentines goal was to make it to 190 by 2/14/09.  I am close - I am 194.8 - just don't think I can make my goal, but it will be close!!  My easter goal is to be 175??  That gives me 8 weeks to lose about 20 pounds.  I think I can make it.  Dang, if I make it to 175, then I will be only 15 pounds away from my first big goal of 160.  Back before my surgery days, I always wanted to be 160.  I think that is a nice healthy weight for me - much better than 250!  But my ultimate goal is 145 (my Dr goal is 121 - I would be too skinny at 121).  I have less than 50 pounds to go to make that goal and I am only 4 months out right now.  I cannot even imagine being 145 pounds.  Haven't weighed that much since I was a teenager.

On another note, if you read this, please pray for my friend Carla.  She had surgery on December 18th.  She has had one complication after the other and still is packing her incisions which just refuse to heal.  She was in the hospital all last week with even more complications with her kidneys.  She kept complaining that everything tasted like cat piss.  Turns out  that yes, everything tasted like piss - it just wasn't cat piss.  Her kidneys were failing and the Dr's were discussing putting her on dialysis.  I spoke with her yesterday and she is out of the hospital but having a hard time with eating and drinking.  She said at one point she was only getting in 5 gr of protein a day.  I am ordering her some Chike Protein samples - Gawd I love that stuff.  maybe she will like it and it has a huge amount of protein in it.  I am ordering some of the Orange Dream today.  Taste like an Orange Dream bar.   I feel so bad for Carla and I hope that things turn around for her soon.  She has lost over 50 pounds in the last 2 months.   She truly looks like she is deflating!


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