One Year Surgiversary!!

Oct 18, 2009

Well here is is one year since I had my surgery.  I haven't updated by profile in a while but I am still on here everyday.  Progress is so slow at this point - just a few pounds a month.  If I up my exercise and journal my food, then i can usually get the scale to move.
I am down about 90 pounds since surgery and over 120 pounds since my highest weight.  I know I hear people say this but it truly is the best thing I have ever done.  I wish all obese people could do this - even those that are too scared to consider it.  I used to be one of those people.  I first started thinking about it back in 2002 and thought to myself that I could never do that - well 6 years later I finally decided it was for me!

I now am pretty much obsessed about having plastic surgery.  I am happy with the weight loss but not at all happy with how I look. I kind of have the attitude that I am only halfway done with my journey.  I don't think I look any better than I did pre-op - I still feel super fat and it because of all of the hanging skin.  I have a very large panni and my thighs look awful.  I never really looked at my thighs until I started taking pictures of myself to send to the plastic surgeron.  My panni is so big that I don't really see my thighs.  And when I am sitting down, I can't tell how wrinkly they are.  I have big lumps of fat and then lots of wrinkles.  I am not even going to go into detail about my panni.  it's gross. I was embarrassed to send my pics to the plastic surgeon - thinking that he was going to tell me to lose more weight and then contact him again.  but i did tell him I want to lose 10 more pounds before I have plastics.  I have a PS consult with a local plastic surgeon next monday.  I am curious what he thinks. 

The surgeon that I sent my pictures to is in Mexico.  Isn't it crazy that I am considering that?  but I have seen his work and talked to others that have had surgery done by him.  He does great work and on top of that he is affordable!  So I figure I get the best of both worlds.  We'll see what I decide but so far he is my top choice. 

Well I'll try and post more often!


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