I think my story sounds pretty common around here. I have been fighting weight since I was in Junior High. Looking back at pictures I don't seem to have been as big as I thought I was back then - I thought I was HUGE in 7th grade because i had to buy a size 14 jeans and so began the fad diets that probably led me to having a perfectly useless metabolism now!

I have done pretty much everything - weight watchers, slim-fast, nutrasystem, body for life, dolly pardons diet, lol well come on I know some of you tried it too!! I have lost weight countless times - I have regained with some extra each time - I am one of the overweight weight loss experts and I'm ready to try surgery now .. i think :)

Now how I've come to this actual point of surgery is peculiar .... I had to have my gallbladder removed at walter reed in D.C. this past summer. The surgeon i ended up with happened to be the bariatric surgeon and he was the most ENTHUSIASTIC BARIATRIC SURGEON in the world! He was much more interested in getting me hooked up with a lap-band than he was in taking my gallbladder out. He annoyed the snot out of me - but he did get me thinking about it all so after we got moved to Texas I made up my mind to get a referral from my primary care doc and see what all the excitement was.

I thought it wouldn't do any harm to go to a seminar ... then I thought I would go ahead with the medical screening  .. and the psychiatric screening (which i suspected would be my downfall)
I still won't swear I'm having the surgery :P It is getting easier to accept as a good idea the more appointments I go too and the more I learn. It has been good that it takes several months to actually get to the point of surgery because I was completely against it in the beginning but now feel i can probably do it and benefit from it ;)

I am difficult .. it's part of my charm

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