Mar 03, 2010

I got my referral and tricare approval in december - went to the seminar in jan - Saw the nurse and followed her instructions for labwork and pulmonary - did a sleep study and began using the cpap as ordered and attended the lifestyle changes class. I had the psych evaluation on Feb. 4th. The doctor i saw told me she saw NO PROBLEM with me having surgery and it would take about 2 weeks for her report to reach the clinic.

Today I gave up on hearing what i should do next and so emailed the nurse.

She called me back to tell me that my psych report raised a "red flag" because i admitted to drinking wine or beer with supper so she wanted me to go back to the psychiatry place that told me i had no problem and get a drug and alcohol assessment. I do not understand why this is necessary and I think i have been perfectly compliant until now. If this is such a red flag why did nobody contact me sooner? Why was I told this only after i sent an email? I would not have wasted my time going for a sleep study and suffering with this mask i have to sleep with now had i known that I would just be getting the runaround for months ...  I could pass a drug and alcohol evaluation assessment blind folded but i will not be treated like this. If there was a problem I should have been informed immediately and i should be given a copy of the report from the psych doctor that raised a "red flag" .

I am waiting to hear from the patient advocate now - this is ridiculous .. why do they use a psychiatrist if they are going to ignore what they say and judge me themselves ?? I am so upset ... I really feel like I am just being given the runaround AND that they are just making stuff up now to keep insurance paying for things and keep me busy ..


Mar 03, 2010

I feel a bit lost at the moment .. the clinic has been great at contacting me to tell me what to do next since i got the referral - I was so busy though Jan and Feb with appointments I felt like i was getting something done! I have been told i have to use the cpap for 30 days before they will do the surgery ... but nobody told me anything else! Will it be 30 days now before they will schedule my pre op appointment? I dunno ... I thought somebody would call after they got the sleep study results but I haven't heard a thing - I finally broke down today and emailed the nurse who sent me for all the tests -

I don't wanna be annoying - and i'm not even in a big hurry - I just wanna know what's going on and what i need to be doing :/ I hate waiting really ... I would be happy just to know WHEN i can expect to go to the pre op appointment and WHEN to expect surgery - I have other things going on I like to plan around for goodness sake :)

My Birthday!

Feb 26, 2010

Sunday is my 45th birthday! I don't know where the time has gone

Saturday I am going to Austin to see my tattoo artist and have more work done on my Chronicles of Narnia Sleeve then We will get pizza and beer on the way home! Then I will start Sunday with biscuits and gravy and end it at some awesome restaurant i haven't decided on yet - I am trying to eat healthy and lose some weight on my own before surgery but I always take Sunday off to eat anything I want (since I won't be able to do that once i start the pre op diet for a very long time) It being my Birthday weekend i feel okay about pizza and beer saturday nite as well haha

I deserve something for surviving 45 years right?
I'm feeling great about this birthday since I'm done smoking and now on the road to successful weight loss - I figure my 50's will ROCK!


Smoke Free

Feb 23, 2010

I quit smoking 1 year ago today! I have surprised myself being able to stay clean :P In all the years past my new years resolution was to lose weight then quit smoking, last year i realized I was not going to lose the weight SO i would just concentrate on the smoking ... so i quit Feb. 23rd and gained 30 pds putting me at my highest weight but SMOKE FREE! LOL

Now I will concentrate on the weight ...  if i get that under control i think i will probably be immortal :D
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Feb 21, 2010

ACK .... I just tried a denise austin work out tape .. the warm up kicked my ass ... i stayed upright throughout the aerobic portion at least but my legs are killing me and i didn't even attempt the strength training portion I am feeling both my age and weight.

15 years ago i enjoyed aerobics! I never was very good at it but i found it FUN ..  of course once I got out of the habit of doing it everyday i started putting on weight and now i'm gonna have to start all over with alot more wear and tear on my body ... I'll be 45 in a week and i swear my 81 year old mom could outrun me - all in all i wish i had taken better care of myself over the years but this is as good a time as any to get back to it! I'll be able to get through 20 minutes of aerobics without wishing my legs would fall off again ..... someday lol

to whom it may concern

Feb 21, 2010

WHEEEEEEEEE i managed to leave that bleeping apnea mask on my face all last nite! I didn't even have the monkey chewing my face off nightmare .. this is progress - I may make it the 30 days of compliancy with the thing which is required before surgery - I thought about just forgetting this whole business over the mask! I HATE IT - I didn't notice I was having any trouble sleeping before they decided to cure my sleeping problem :/ but it seems to be working out ok ... just gotta stay positive and roll with the punches -

and btw - when i was at the medical supply getting my mask prescription filled - another lady came in for one  - we got to talking and she was at the sleep clinic same nite i was - and she's getting a lapband from the same surgeon i am ...  small world right? lol


Sleep Study

Feb 18, 2010

A. I don't know why they call it a sleep study when they make it impossible to sleep after covering you in electrodes and smacking a mask on your face.

B. I suffered all night to learn i have "mild" apnea. 14.9 pauses an hour? FOR REAL? I fully expected something more exciting from myself ... i was hoping i would get up in my sleep and start eating people brains or something ..

C. It's ONE MORE thing i've done to be compliant with the surgeon and now I am once again wondering if I even want the surgery :P

D. fyi .. if you wear jewelry in any sensitive areas of your body .. be aware that they will run wires down your shirt and pants leg ... there are places you don't wanna snag so .... maybe keep your bra on.... jus sayin
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as my world turns

Feb 16, 2010

i have that damn sleep study tonite .. sigh - i have a terrible time falling asleep at home with no strangers staring at me - i don't know HOW i will manage to go to sleep tonite. Hopefullly they will take pity on me and give me tequila or something if I can't shut my eyes :D I started training yesterday - cut back on caffiene and NO NAPPING .. i love naps ...

I don't mind doing the sleep study - i have snored all my life .. way before i got so big - even when i was a little kid people teased me about the snoring. I've had numerous sinus surgery things and allergy shots and i would not be surprised to learn i have sleep apnea.

I had my cottage cheese and yogurt mix for breakfast this morning but i wanted something crunchy on it. I looked through the cabinets for a bit of granola type stuff and found a bag of toasted almonds slivers! PERFECT RIGHT? I realized on my first bite of almond topped yogurt that the almonds were garlic seasoned ... it was ... interesting :/
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Lifestyle Changes

Feb 16, 2010

I went to the lifestyle changes class last night and it seemed like she just went over everything i had already gone over with the Nurse but i'm happy to keep hearing it - maybe i'll be brainwashed :)

I started today with a light yogurt and some low fat cottage cheese, surprisingly i have always like yogurt and cottage cheese stirred together and it makes for a good carb/protien mix. I think i'm eating ok but i have having great trouble being motivated back into exercise. I went back to the wii fit today and it shamed me .. according to it i've gained 11 pounds since the last time i used it  - This is what i've done for 30 years ... be all excited about losing wieght - take off 30 or 40 pds then turn right around and gain it back ..  So far i haven't gained all the way back to my 272 high weight but i'm heading that way fast if i don't get it together -

I must drag my lazy ass out and WALK .. hopefully the weather will cooperate and i'll take a mile walk this evening ...

Back to healthy eating

Feb 15, 2010

Started the day with a greek yogurt - I had never had one before .. it was interesting :/ I didn't hate it but i think it will take a bit of getting used to- it did seem very filling for 120 calories! I managed to get out of the house and take a walk but only went a mile in 20 minutes - My son was with me and immediatly hurt his foot .. and it was pretty cold and windy so I'll try to go further tomorrow when he's in school :)

Going to my required Lifestyle Changes class tonight. I'm pretty excited because it's one more thing i can mark off the list for "things to do to get surgery" I do have a few questions for the class if they aren't addressed concerning caffiene ... i quit smoking almost a  year ago and quitting caffiene may kill me but i'll do what i need to do lol

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